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    March 26, 2013

    Weather Week: What Did That Groundhog Say Again?`

    When old Punxsutawney Phil called for an early spring this year, many across the northern part of the country were thrilled. Then, the reality set in that taking advice on, well, anything from a groundhog might not be the best approach. As it turns out, it has been pretty damn chilly around the coun ... More >>

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    February 4, 2013

    How To Eat Your Weatherman: Groundhog Stew

    Even though I grew up in central Pennsylvania and have a spot for Punxsutawney Phil, I still get annoyed that we give credence to meteorological predictions made by buck-toothed rodents. When I lived in Massachusetts, I used to get downright angry at these woodchuck forecasts, especially when th ... More >>

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    April 5, 2012

    Early Forecasts Calling for a Quieter Than Normal Hurricane Season

    Did you enjoy the winter? Went quick, didn't it? It seems like just 15 minutes ago, we were all lounging in the cool Houston winter while our northern neighbors were breaking out the snow plows. We laughed and laughed. Now, we've started to reach that wonderful time when even your beads of sweat hav ... More >>

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    February 2, 2010

    No, We Didn't Realize There Were This Many Songs About Groundhog Day, Either

    ‚ÄčToday is Groundhog Day, and it's easy to forget - after listening to your co-workers droning "Phil? Phil Connors!?" all day - the reason for this special season. After all, isn't this day supposed to be about the groundhogs? Trouble is, there's not a lot of musical material out there about Marmo ... More >>

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    February 2, 2009

    For Groundhog Day -- The Five Best Movie Rodents

    February 2 marks that special days in Western civilization, in which we commemorate the mystical powers of a being emerging from a hole in the ground. No, I'm not talking about Easter, but rather Groundhog Day. And what better way to mark the annual resurrection of Punxsutawney Phil then listing som ... More >>

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    January 13, 2005

    Do Not Enter

    Outside the gates of the Forbidden City

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    January 29, 2004