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    February 27, 2014
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    April 16, 2013

    Keep Calm and Carry On Twittering: Social Media Returns to Form After Tragedy

    Less than 24 hours after the worst bombing on American soil since 9/11, one of my friends posted on Facebook a picture of Darth Vader riding a unicycle wearing a kilt and playing bagpipes. I scroll through my Twitter feed and see the familiar jokes, memes, posts about food and talk of the Rockets an ... More >>

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    January 10, 2013

    Godzilla and Flowers

    The films of Kim Jong Il

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    July 2, 2012

    Five Dumbest Reasons Someone Got Killed in East Texas

    We understand some of you will read this and likely think: Every reason to kill someone is wrong. This rationale holds ostensible merit, you, reader of great virtue. But there is a difference -- minuscule as it may be -- between wrong and just plain dumb. Every excuse is wrong, ... More >>

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    June 14, 2012
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    May 21, 2012

    Happy Birthday, Mr. T.! A Foolish Playlist For You To Pity

    I have a hard time explaining the 1980s to my daughter. Mostly because she's, you know, two years old. Still, I imagine that even when she reaches an age where she's more willing to endure a conversation that doesn't involve strawberries and Dora the Explorer I won't be able to convey the strangene ... More >>

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    January 28, 2011

    Free Radicals Blend Break-Dancing, Capoeira Into Fitz's Show

    ​The Free Radicals remain an institution of incredible sound here in H-town, having amassed 13 Houston Press Music Awards in the realms of jazz and funk since their inception in 1996, as well as making a name for themselves as one of the city's most prolific protest bands. So when founder Nick ... More >>

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    December 7, 2010

    Ramo: What Makes A Rapper "Fresh"?

    The hip-hop world is a less than sensible place - lots of times, you're even required to clarify when bad means bad and when bad means good - so once a week we're going to get with a rapper and ask them to explain things. Have something you always wanted to ask a rapper? Email ... More >>

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    October 21, 2010

    Fat Tony Breaks Down His Brand-New RABDARGAB

    Austin MillerFat Tony at the 2010 Houston Press Music Awards showcase​For the past three years, Fat Tony has reigned over his section of Houston's underground rap scene like goddamn Pol Pot (minus the dead Cambodians, duh; read a book, suckas). This, of course, is a curious situation, because ... More >>

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    August 31, 2010

    Joesph Rouse: Priest Threatens To Bomb Aflac Over Customer Service

    The wrath of one priest, if not quite God‚ÄčIt's always refreshing to read about a priest who's not accused of diddling little boys, so it was a treat to learn that retired Houston priest John Rouse is only accused of...threatening to bomb an insurance company if it didn't process his claim fast eno ... More >>

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    August 21, 2009

    For Ramadan: Five Movie Muslims

    Ramadan is a time of reflection and prayer for the world's Muslim population. It is meant to teach them patience and self-restraint, and to bring them closer to Allah. We at Hair Balls know little of patience, and have never been good at self-restraint, but we're nothing if not equal-opportunity i ... More >>

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    July 9, 2009


    Texan Larry Plake went out to one offshore oil job too many and ended up held for ransom in the Nigerian jungle.

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    April 1, 2009

    For April 1: The Five Best "Fool" Movies, No Kidding

    Whether somebody posted those drunken emails you mistakenly sent to the entire company on their MySpace or you merely wasted valuable internet time last night making sure your computer was protected against the "Conficker" virus (*cough*), you may very find yourself the victim of a prank this April ... More >>

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    December 17, 2008

    Houston Film Critics Announce Their Awards; Best Picture Goes To A Movie You Can't See In Houston Yet

    The Houston Film Critics Society, of which yours truly is a member (along with the those two guys that used to work for the Chronicle, among others), just released their 2008 award winners. I'm already drafting a strong letter of protest haranguing my fellow HFCS members for failing to acknowledge R ... More >>

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    October 17, 2008

    Five Spot: Eminem Releasing New Album, Still White

    Welcome back to Five Spot. Every Friday, we'll examine a recent bit of music news and list five reasons why it's either brilliant or dumb-assed. Send tips to Eminem released a single from his forthcoming LP Relapse - due in December - on his Sirius radio station earli ... More >>

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    December 9, 2004


    Blade confronts the ultimate vampire, and geeks everywhere rejoice

  • Best of Houston

    September 23, 2004
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    September 9, 2004

    Six Feet Blunder

    Bring out your dead -- and wait

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    October 31, 2002

    Fly Spy

    Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson's cash-in pays off

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    August 9, 2001

    Nouveau Zydeco

    Conroe's J. Paul Jr. is a zydeco rebel

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    February 10, 2000

    Storming The Beach

    However shallow, Leonardo DiCaprio delivers a baptism of blood

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    January 13, 2000
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    March 4, 1999
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    November 19, 1998

    Teenaged Terror

    Ambitious Totally Weird puts the blame for violence on the media

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    October 8, 1998

    And the Winner Is

    If you're going to get hit by a bus in Houston, try Ryder

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    May 14, 1998
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    June 12, 1997
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    January 25, 1996
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    May 25, 1995
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    March 30, 1995
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    November 24, 1994

    Hollow Points

    Besson's bullet ballet The Professional is slick, but morally ugly

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    May 26, 1994