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    September 1, 2014

    The Five Best Concerts In Houston This Week: Ray Wylie Hubbard, Omotai, Sucre, etc.

    Ray Wylie Hubbard Main Street Crossing, September 3 Ray Wylie Hubbard likes to live by words he eventually set to music in the song "Mother Blues" from his 2012 album The Grifters' Hymnal: "The days I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations, well, I have really good days." The 67-year-old ico ... More >>

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    May 1, 2014

    The Rocks Off 200: Leslie Krafka, Onward Through the Fog

    Who? Leslie Krafka came late to the songwriting game; the bug didn't bite her until about four years ago. She spent a year making her first album, The White Cat Sessions, at Jack Saunders' studio. But she found a bit of success with the album, being nominated as a best emerging artist in the annual ... More >>

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    September 6, 2013

    15 Houston Concerts You Shouldn't Miss This Fall

    Earlier this week Rocks Off asked our contributors to tell us one or two concerts coming to Houston this fall they considered a "can't-miss" show. They didn't disappoint us. Depeche Mode Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, September 18 Maybe this makes me a bit geeky, but I'm totally stoked for Depec ... More >>

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    August 16, 2013

    Hayes Carll Is Not In a Mental Institution, Says Hayes Carll

    Friday is traditionally the day the media jettisons its more unpleasant stories, similar to the way the Millennium Falcon escaped that Star Destroyer in The Empire Strikes Back ("...We'll jut float away with the rest of the trash"). Other Friday afternoons the news is just odd, but either way there' ... More >>

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    August 8, 2013

    Robert Ellis' Return Leads Discovery Green Fall Concert Lineup

    It sure is hard not to make a Thin Lizzy joke right now, but you can watch this video if you want to. The returning Robert Ellis was among the acts announced Thursday morning for Discovery Green's fall concert series, which begins September 19 and switches title sponsors from UH-Downtown to ExxonMob ... More >>

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    July 5, 2013

    Houston's Best Weekend Concerts: Ray Wylie Hubbard, A Day In the Country, etc.

    Ray Wylie Hubbard McGonigel's Mucky Duck, July 5 Musicians do, but far too many people just don't know what an incredible songwriting talent Ray Wylie Hubbard is. One part sage, one part curmudgeon, one part Zen bluesman, Hubbard puts a grizzled Texas-roadhouse spin on some pretty highfalutin philo ... More >>

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    June 21, 2013

    The Slapstick, Gonzo Style of Five Modern-Day One-Man Bands

    LINCOLN DURHAM Anything goes should have been the catchphrase for one of the most unpredictable one-man bands around, Lincoln Durham. He might throw in occasional odes to girls named Clementine and shed a little ever-loving light, but it definitely isn't in an old-fashioned gospel kind of way. He p ... More >>

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    May 21, 2013

    Texas Concert For Conservation at Sam Houston Race Park, 5/18/2013

    Texas Concert For Conservation Featuring Dwight Yoakam, Robert Earl Keen, Hayes Carll & Ray Wylie Hubbard Sam Houston Race Park May 18, 2013 If I wanted to make a dopey analogy, which I'm going to do anyway, I'd say Texas' coastal waters and our wry but soulful singer-songwriters are two of this s ... More >>

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    May 2, 2013

    The Rocks Off 100: Jack Saunders, Dealer of Grit & Jangle

    Welcome to the Rocks Off 100, our portrait gallery of the most compelling profiles and personalities in the far-flung Houston music community -- a lot more than just musicians, but of course they're in there too. See the entire Rocks Off 100 at this link. Who? Jack Saunders is one of Houston's most ... More >>

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    December 6, 2012

    The Rocks Off 100: Mason Lankford, Folk Family Revivalist

    Who: Mason Lankford is the young songwriter behind many of the tunes performed and recorded by the Folk Family Revival. The band's debut, Unfolding, was an amazing collection of spiritual and moving Americana tracks that was easily one of the best albums of 2011. Since then, he and his band of broth ... More >>

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    April 6, 2012

    7 Cool & Cheap Things To Do This Weekend: Neuwave!, Iguanas, Jack Saunders, Etc.

    One final reminder that Belgian electronic body music groundbreakers Front 242's show originally scheduled for tonight at Numbers has been cancelled (for some time, it looks like), but we're guessing Classic Numbers might toss in "Headhunter" or "Never Stop" anyway. If not, you'll hear EBM and every ... More >>

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    April 5, 2012
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    March 27, 2012

    But Seriously, Folks... Joe Walsh Coming To Nutty Jerry's May 18

    One of the best parts about seeing the Eagles in the 21st century, besides all the jokes about grandchildren and Ben-Gay that they make, is seeing Joe Walsh onstage. That survivor with the dull Everyman stare. The man who did enough drugs to stay awake until the Sun explodes. Because even while Do ... More >>

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    March 22, 2012

    Top 5 Old Musicians Actually Using Twitter

    Like youth itself, Twitter is wasted on the young. But not everyone over 35 has completely tuned it out -- after a recent upgrade to a smartphone, even I'm using it now after years of Twitterphobia. (Hit me up at @ThePhantomTX.) Since I've been on, I've learned that most musicians have handed off t ... More >>

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    November 24, 2011

    The Wylie Llama for President

    The singer-songwriter on ­Michelle Bachmann, seceding from the Union, big hair and wild hogs.

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    June 14, 2011

    Zoo Station: A Noah's Ark Of 75 Animal Songs

    And of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shalt thou bring into the ark, to keep them alive with thee; they shall be male and female. Of fowls after their kind, and of cattle after their kind, of every creeping thing of the earth after his kind, two of every sort shall come unto thee ... More >>

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    April 21, 2011

    The Five Most Texan Types Of Music

    ​Happy San Jacinto Day, fellow Texans and people who wish they were; i.e. everyone else. If you don't know why today is special, shame on you. But since us Texans are a friendly sort, allow Rocks Off to fill you in. On April 21, 1836, Texian forces under Gen. Sam Houston (aka "Big Drunk") lau ... More >>

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    March 24, 2011
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    January 19, 2011

    Balaclavas, Moccs, Fat Tony Place In Pazz & Jop Poll

    Show of hands, everyone who is surprised this is No. 1.​Music writers all know that once they get their Village Voice Pazz & Jop ballot in their e-mail inbox, that it's time to tally their loves from the last year. It's sort of like the leaves changing or the first freeze of winter coming. You ... More >>

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    December 23, 2010
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    December 21, 2010

    Lonesome Onry And Mean's Top 11 Obscure 2010 Albums

    ​As per previous years, Lonesome Onry and Mean isn't going to bother with running down all this year's major-label releases. Ranking the relative merits of Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert is the Houston Chronicle's job, we suppose. Seeing major players like Robert Plant, Bruce Sp ... More >>

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    February 4, 2010

    Lonesome Onry and Mean: Two Top Producers Recall Their Earliest Musical Memories

    Two of the better known roots producers on the scene have radically different memories of the first music of their childhoods that gripped them by the ears and heart. Gurf Morlix, whose notable production credits include Lucinda Williams' Grammy-winning Car Wheels on a Gravel Road as well as stella ... More >>

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    January 21, 2010

    Age of Endarkenment

    Ray Wylie Hubbard's new album gets low-down with hookers, tornadoes and religion.

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    January 7, 2010

    Lonesome Onry and Mean: No Wrong Answers on Ray Wylie Hubbard's New Album

    ‚ÄčLonesome Onry and Mean's second early pick for our 2010 best-of list is Ray Wylie Hubbard's A. Enlightenment, B. Endarkenment, (Hint) There Is No C, set to drop this coming Tuesday. Ever since he started working with producer/guitarist Gurf Morlix four records ago, Hubbard has gotten further and ... More >>

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    December 31, 2009
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    December 21, 2009

    Lonesome Onry and Mean: Looking Ahead to Jonathan Richman, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Scott Miller and Lots More

    While doing our usual hunt for interesting acts coming to Houston in the next few weeks, Lonesome Onry and Mean came across some great stuff coming to Continental Club and McGonigel's Mucky Duck. The brainy, always quirky Jonathan Richman will be at the Continental Saturday, January 29. An origianl ... More >>

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    November 19, 2009
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    November 4, 2009

    Lonesome Onry and Mean: The Mucky Duck Hits a Hot Streak In the Cool Weather

    Lonesome, Onry and Mean just noticed that venerable listening room McGonigel's Mucky Duck has a major streak of high-grade talent Nov. 12 through 17. Beginning with the Subdudes on the 12th, the Duck quickly plows through Texas legend Ray Wylie Hubbard (13th), troubadour-poet Tom Russell (14th), on ... More >>

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    March 7, 2009

    Today: SpringFest in Old Town Spring

    Allison V. Smith/ www.maxstalling.comLots of twangy stuff going on in the North Woods this weekend. Scroll down a bit for the Texas Independence Day in downtown Conroe (starring Mr. "Screw You, We're From Texas" himself, Ray Wylie Hubbard) or, if you prefer, there's SpringFest - including win ... More >>

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    February 20, 2009

    Lonesome Onry and Mean: Gurf Morlix and Last Exit To Happyland

    What a beautiful world we'd be living in if Joel Osteen or Pat Robertson or Rush Limbaugh used Gurf Morlix as musical director. His new Last Exit to Happyland is full of aching songs full of deep humanity and decency as well as head-shaking social accusations and knife-to-the-throat post-love observ ... More >>

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    January 29, 2009

    Conroe Announces Second Annual Texas Independence Day Music Festival and Chili Cook-off

    The City of Conroe has announced the program for its second annual Texas Independence Day Music Festival and Chili Cook-off on March 7. The musical lineup:

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    January 1, 2009
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    December 22, 2008

    Slideshow: Snakes on an Album

    One of the songs slithering around Rocks Off's head lately is "Snake Farm," the title track to grizzled Hill Country troubador Ray Wylie Hubbard's 2006 album, where the singer and a comely employee of the ramshackle reptile house between San Marcos and New Braunfels get it on amongst the other  ... More >>

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    August 8, 2008

    Friday In-Stores: Hayes Carll and Paris Falls

    If you hurry - and aren't stuck out in Katy somewhere - you can still catch Hayes Carll's 5:30 p.m. in-store at Cactus Music - by the way, congrats to Cactus owner Quinn Bishop and wife Meg on the birth of son Graham yesterday - before his show with Ray Wylie Hubbard at Sam Houston Race Park tonight ... More >>

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    April 3, 2008

    Houston Music Festivals

    The last three weeks of this month promise to be hard on your wallet, eardrums and liver

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    November 30, 2006

    Macon Greyson

    When Ray Wylie Hubbard was recording young Buddy Huffman in an Austin studio with the cream of pickers that town has to offer, Huffman was already thinking about forming a band to play the songs and promote the record. He asked Hubbard what to call the band and the Wylie Llama of Texas music drawled ... More >>

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    June 15, 2006


    Thursday, June 15, at the Meridian, 1503 Chartres, 713-225-1717

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    April 28, 2005

    Macon Greyson

    Friday, April 29, at the Firehouse Saloon, 5930 Southwest Freeway, 713-977-1962.

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    September 30, 2004
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    April 29, 2004

    The Dirty Thirty

    The worst songs of all time from Texas

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    January 22, 2004

    Caroline Herring

    Friday, January 23

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    December 4, 2003

    Britannia Rules the Strand

    Galveston reanimates Victorian England for the 30th year in a row

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    August 14, 2003

    Ray Wylie Hubbard

    Saturday, August 16

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    July 12, 2001

    Life Begins at 41

    Early success was almost the end of Ray Wylie Hubbard

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    April 1, 1999
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    February 4, 1999
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    August 17, 1995
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    January 12, 1995

    Ray Wylie Gets Intense

    The self-improved "Redneck Mother" man refines his technique

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    September 8, 1994
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    June 2, 1994
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