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    March 20, 2014

    Texans Tracker Update: The Blake Bortles' Pro Day Gushing Adjustment

    It's funny, it's been so long since I was in an NFL city that had a high draft pick and an acute need at the quarterback position, I had forgotten how much garbage fun Pro Days for quarterbacks are. Add into this the fact that the opinions among fans, and (now, to a lesser degree) pundits are so di ... More >>

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    March 14, 2014

    Twitter Wars: Richard Sherman Takes On The World

    It was a polarizing moment, maybe the most polarizing moment of the NFL season (not involving Richie Incognito talking about running a train on one of Jonathan Martin's female relatives), but I loved Richard Sherman's promo that he cut on Michael Crabtree after the NFC Title Game in Seattle. It was ... More >>

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    February 28, 2014

    Richie Incognito Smashes Up His Own Ferrari With a Baseball Bat

    Less than 24 hours after I spent about a thousand words telling you how stupid all of you are for thinking that NFL players won't get a second, third, or tenth chance, so long as they can still play, we get another Richie Incognito episode. I mean, the number of current players I've heard take up f ... More >>

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    February 27, 2014

    Riley Cooper (Yes, N-Bomb Riley Cooper) Signs $25-Million Extension

    In many ways, the NFL is a microcosm of our society, a society that forgives almost anything. It's a league that has forgiven people who have "obstructed the investigation" of murder (Ray Lewis) and people who have killed innocent people while behind the wheel of a car while they were polluted beyo ... More >>

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    January 10, 2014

    NFL Playoffs: Like Andy Dalton, Still Seeking My First Playoff Win

    Well, any chance of pulling out of my season long tailspin in the post season appears to be out the window. In excruciating fashion, the first weekend of the NFL postseason continued to bully me like Richie Incognito, jamming my head in the gambling restroom toilet and swirly-ing me into the poor h ... More >>

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    December 26, 2013

    Unveiling the King of Content 2013: The Honorable Mentions

    Relevance. It can be measured any number of ways, it just depends on the medium. In television, it's measured by viewership. In radio, it's measured by listenership. In stripping, it's measured in one dollar bills. Quantity might not necessarily mean quality (except in stripping), but typically it ... More >>

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    November 18, 2013

    College Football Recap: The Reverse Jinx And The Return Of Coach O

    The dirty little secret about college football in 2013 is that it hasn't been all that great a season. Yeah, it's college football, and even ho hum college football is still better than 80 percent of what sports has to offer. And yeah, we have the usual tasty controversy brewing with four undefeat ... More >>

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    November 12, 2013

    Richie Incognito Epilogue: Stephen Ross and Trent Dilfer Speak Out (w/ VIDEO)

    Roughly 48 hours have now gone by since Richie Incognito's ultra rehearsed image rehabilitation session interview with FOX's Jay Glazer. We learned that Richie Incognito was able to recite some lines indicating that he is indeed contrite about his use of the n-word in a voicemail message to teammat ... More >>

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    November 11, 2013

    Zapruder Analysis Of Richie Incognito's Interview With FOX's Jay Glazer

    It's been quite a year for the NFL, and I'm not talking about on the field. Off the field, the soap opera has been depressingly interesting (or interestingly depressing, depending on how you look at it). For starters, you had an offseason crime spree by players (and even some front office folks, wh ... More >>

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    November 8, 2013

    BATTLE-DRINK, Week 10: Randy Bullock Bullies Your Liver

    We are at the mathematical halfway point of the Texans season, and the team sits at 2-6. It's funny how this weekly BATTLE-DRINK game, if you go back and look at each week, in an odd way sort of weaves the tapestry of the entire season. You can see how all the storylines and futility have evolved we ... More >>

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    September 13, 2013

    Titans-Texans: BATTLE-DRINK Makes Its 2013 Home Debut!

    I'll admit, I never went back and watched the complete telecast of the Texans and Chargers game from Monday night, partially because I just haven't really had time and partially for, well, other reasons. The good news is that I did finish Season 3 of Breaking Bad last night! So there's that. My po ... More >>

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    September 3, 2013

    Houston Texans 53 Man Roster (Plus 8) Tidbits: People Sift Through Our Garbage Now!

    Full disclosure: I've never sifted through someone else's garbage, and I've never acquired any piece of my furniture by snagging it from the end of someone's driveway after they've thrown it out. But to each their own, and if you've done this before, hey, as Tony Soprano would say, "Ya do whatcha ... More >>

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    August 23, 2013

    Gary Kubiak Officially Takes "That's On Me" To A Whole New Level

    I've spoken privately and on the radio to literally dozens of Texans players during the Gary Kubiak Era, and whether it's been a role player, a star player, a veteran, or an undrafted rookie, unequivocally their assessment of Gary Kubiak as a person has been the same: They all love Gary Kubiak. Wh ... More >>

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    August 22, 2013

    Richie Incognito Was Involved In A Fight With A Security Guard In June

    I like Antonio Smith. I don't approve of what he did on Saturday night, ripping off the helmet of Dolphins guard Richie Incognito and trying to crack his face with it. I understand it, but I don't approve of it. But overall, even though he cost his team his services for the regular season opener in ... More >>

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    August 22, 2013

    Keep Calm and Carry the Ball: Foster Returns to the Texans

    Preseason football is a fascinating and often frustrating portion of the year. On one hand, there is intrigue and discussion. After a long season of the Astros sucking yet again, it's a welcome relief to see guys in pads knocking the crap out of each other in the blistering heat of summer. On the o ... More >>

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    August 20, 2013

    Antonio Smith Suspended, And Yet Richie Incognito Walks The Streets

    On Saturday night, in a fit of preseason deja vu rage against the Miami Dolphins, Antonio Smith retaliated to a Richie Incognito instigation with an act that will see Smith punished and vilified around the league. Somehow, Incognito will manage to walk away scot free. Hell, in this case, with natio ... More >>