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    June 6, 2011

    Senators And Bad Officiating Have Aeros On The Edge Of Defeat

    John RoyalJean-Michel Daoust about to tie Saturday's game at 1-1​The Houston Aeros play in hockey's top minor league. The players take the game as seriously as those who play in the NHL. And the stakes can be just as important, what with promotions and careers riding on each shift a guy take ... More >>

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    May 11, 2010

    The Top 5 Musical Eco-Fails

    uscgd8 via Flick​The bad news about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill is that BP's magic undersea dome didn't work, and the slick is now the size of Connecticut. And unless the latest half-assed stopgap measure (a "junk shot" of debris fired down the well in an attempt to plug it) works, it could be ... More >>

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    April 27, 2010

    It's (Semi-)Official: Houston Is Not That Fun A City

    If we can;t have the fun, can we at least have the funk?​As you walk two mushy downtown blocks on a blazing August afternoon in Houston, surely the question that comes to your mind is "Isn't this fun?"Or maybe not.Anyway, the extremely important publication Portfolio has done an extremely scientif ... More >>

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    August 11, 2005

    John Legend, with De La Soul and Rahzel

    Saturday, August 13, at HUSH, 15625 Katy Freeway, 713-330-HUSH.