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    August 13, 2014

    HSPVA Student's #IfTheyGunnedMeDown Tweet Draws National Attention

    Tyler Atkins, 17, was still fuming about the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager gunned down by police in Ferguson, Missouri over the weekend, when he saw the hashtag #IfTheyGunnedMeDown as he scrolled through his Twitter feed. The hashtag was a response to the photo being circulated of B ... More >>

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    July 17, 2014

    Killen's BBQ Bans Negative Comments from Facebook: Censorship or Smart PR?

    In case you haven't noticed, there's a new box on Yelp right above the comments that contains the following message: Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. While the business review website is making an effort to convince people that the commentar ... More >>

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    July 10, 2014

    Houstonia Posts (Then Disappears) City Map Showing Where "Aspiring Mexicans" and "Pretentious White People" Live

    If you think you know where "aspiring Mexicans," "black people who like trains" and "pretentious white people" live in Houston, then Houstonia Magazine had the right map for you. The magazine posted a "Judgemental Map of Houston" on its Facebook account today before quickly taking it down. We cal ... More >>

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    June 27, 2013

    The 2013 Houston Web Awards: The Best Of Online Houston

    Fox26 newscaster Isiah Carey got over his embarrassment and learned to embrace the power of social media. He’s among this year’s winners, all creative users of the latest technology.

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    June 18, 2013

    Social Distortion: Why Storming Off Facebook and Twitter Is Never a Good Idea

    Having been on social media for quite some time now, I've seen my share of Facebook and Twitter flameouts. It usually begins when a person is going through a rough time personally or is forced to suffer through a public controversy. But it can be triggered by almost anything. The problem is that whe ... More >>

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    May 13, 2013

    App of the Week: What Is the Deal with Vine Anyway?

    If you don't follow social media closely (hey, good for you!), you may be wondering what the hell a Vine is and why it has been in the news lately? Good question. Vine is another free social media app for smartphones built to share super short videos in much the same way Instagram shares videos but ... More >>

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    March 11, 2013

    Houston's Best Ribs, Tex-Mex and Steaks -- According to You, Social Media Maven

    What if you could ask social media sites such as Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook and TripAdvisor what Tex-Mex restaurant they'd recommend as the best in Houston? All at once? Without having to mess with the whole following people and enduring their boring status updates part? Triposo is here for you. ... More >>

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    January 31, 2013

    Opening for Houston Press Web Editor

    The Houston Press has an immediate opening for a full-time web editor. This position combines journalism with social media marketing and analytical data management to increase the audience for the Press on its desktop and mobile applications. The web editor assigns and edits photo slideshows, manag ... More >>

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    January 22, 2013

    Houston Press Partnering with Foursquare, and Not Just to Stalk You

    Each September, the Houston Press releases our Best of Houston® issue after slavishly compiling what we consider to be the best this city has to offer -- from theater companies and sports figures to bars and restaurants. With that in mind, we're excited to announce a new partnership with Foursquar ... More >>

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    January 21, 2013

    When Embedding Social Media Into Your Web Site Goes Bad

    Everyone wants to embed live Twitter streams into their stuff these days. You see the streams scrolling across the bottom of your TV screen during live presentations and you see them broadcast with a projector at events. And you see them quite frequently on websites, for restaurants or otherwise. W ... More >>

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    November 14, 2012

    Local Woman Poses as Teen Girl Online to Catch Alleged Facebook Predator

    Acccording to court documents, "Jessica," a 36-year-old Houston-area woman was creeped out by an acquaintance of hers, 26-year-old Daniel Riekstins of Webster. Jessica had heard that Riekstins's behavior with underage teen girls was suspicious and that his relationships with some of them had been ... More >>

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    August 8, 2012

    Even In Trying Times, The Randy Travis Social Media Train Keeps On a Rollin'

    Social media is a fun place, where you can damage your entire career or build up a massive following within just a few strokes. You can engage with your fans and help foster a community, and also you know, sell your shit. Just hours after country quasi-legend Randy Travis was arrested while drunk ... More >>

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    June 28, 2012

    The 2012 Houston Web Awards

    The Houston Press rides the wave to the next group of winners.

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    May 24, 2012

    Nicholas Scott Grammer: Almost Dies on a Stolen Motorcycle, Swipes Another Weeks Later, Police Say

    From looking at his court records and two Facebook pages, it's clear that Nicholas Scott Grammer loves motorcycles. Unfortunately for the 22-year-old Deer Park native and everyone else in the Galveston Bay area, it seems that he loves two things even more: 1) not paying for them, and 2) speeding and ... More >>

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    May 17, 2012
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    May 14, 2012

    Five Dumb Reasons to Hate Social Media: Stand Up For Twitter & Facebook!

    There are lots of annoying things about the various social networks that exist and plenty of reasons to think they are stupid. I've enumerated a number of those reasons on this very blog. But, with all things, there are people who will hate just to hate and sites like Twitter and Facebook often make ... More >>

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    May 9, 2012

    Prison Employees Say The Man (i.e., TDCJ) Is Monitoring Their Facebook Friends Lists

    Some employees of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice are accusing wardens of disciplining, and in some cases firing, them for having Facebook friends with criminal records. Duane Stuart, who runs a private TDCJ employee forum,, tells Hair Balls that wardens regularly inspect e ... More >>

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    March 22, 2012

    Anti-Social: Employers Want Candidates' Facebook and Twitter Logins

    Privacy has increasingly become an important topic in the technology world. There are concerns that web sites like Google and Facebook are collecting data to sell to advertisers. There is the worry that the government is using the massive amounts of information passed around the Internet every day t ... More >>

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    September 29, 2011

    Republicans Dominate Tweeting

    ​Our modern technological age has created a lot of new ways to communicate with others. For some, these means seem cold and impersonal. For those who use them regularly, they are simply another option for sending messages into the giant black hole of data that is the Internet. For politicians ... More >>

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    September 28, 2011

    Five Reasons Why Perry's Attempt to Block Negative Social Media Content Is a Bad Idea

    Controlling negative publicity is tough business in the modern world. Virtually everything is caught on tape -- good and bad -- and the Internet provides the ideal place for opposition. From anonymous commenters to bloggers to people on social networking sites, it is impossible to prevent negative c ... More >>

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    August 16, 2011

    Restaurant Ejects Diner for Tweeting While Eating

    Social media isn't always as friendly as it sounds.​Ever since Te House of Tea and its sister restaurant, the now-defunct Saute World Bistro, signed up for Twitter accounts in August 2008 -- the first two restaurants in Houston to do so -- it's become not only de rigeur but almost necessary f ... More >>

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    July 20, 2011

    Comment of the Day: If Twitter, Google and Social Media Were Around During the First Moon Walk

    ​We have some great commenters here on Hair Balls, and it's time we paid some damn attention to them. So we'll be highlighting a Comment of the Day each morning, from the previous day's work. Maybe two comments, even. This will all be determined by a highly rigorous scientific formula involv ... More >>

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    July 18, 2011

    Top 5 Musician Twitter Quitters

    ​Most of us would be happy to have 1,000 Twitter followers. A million is pretty much unattainable, even for some big enchiladas. Yet we see celebs erasing their Twitter pages as if it isn't the best thing since some 5'3" guy in Iowa took a knife to a loaf of bread. What's driving the Twitter ... More >>

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    July 15, 2011

    Land Of Confusion: A Google Playlist

    Join my circle, won't you? ​About a week ago, we finally took up a friend's Google invite offer, and immediately starting tooling around the search engine's new social-media outlet. In Google's words, the new site "makes sharing on the Web feel like sharing in real life." That sounds cool, bu ... More >>

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    June 30, 2011

    Masters of Cyberspace

    The Press hands out its first Houston Web Awards.

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    May 27, 2011

    App of the Week: MySocialMania

    It doesn't get much easier than this.​App: MySocialMania Platforms: iPhone Web site: Apple Link Cost: $0.99 Mania seems to be an appropriate word when discussing the crazed use of social media by millions worldwide. From Twitter to Facebook to Flickr to MySpace (God help us), millions of ... More >>

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    April 21, 2011

    Amazon Crash Hits Reddit, Others: Social Media Armageddon

    Now get some work done.​The spinning of the earth has nearly come to a standstill thanks to major server problems with's Web Services, a cloud-computing platform used by dozens of very popular social networking sites. "The cloud," for you luddites, means stuff that's saved in the ... More >>

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    March 30, 2011

    Why We Can't Be Friends on Facebook

    Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends.....​Something interesting happened when social media started bearing down on us a few years back. We began to yearn for friends, and not the kind that you can call up on a Tuesday night for a bull session at the bar, or someone to watch your pu ... More >>

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    January 11, 2011

    What Do Rappers Have Against Facebook?

    Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday (or thereabouts) that isn't a national holiday, Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture. Photo illustration by John Seaborn Gray​This Week's Panel: Z-Ro, Slim Thug, hasHBrown, Kirk ... More >>

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    December 31, 2010

    Before Networking Was Social: Ten Early Social Websites That Are Dead or Dying

    Who needs when we have Facebook?​Social networking today is a foregone conclusion. Many of us wake up and check Twitter on our smart phones or pull up Facebook on our laptops. We surf YouTube videos in our spare time, find dates on and spend hours reading music, politi ... More >>

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    October 22, 2010

    Why, Lord? Now They're Foursquaring From Space

    Life just got better​You, like all people, just LOVE Foursquare, the web application that lets you keep up with where people you don't care about are at any given moment.Because if you don't know that someone has earned enough points to be "Mayor of Lupe Tortilla's" or some such crap, your life wi ... More >>

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    July 21, 2010

    Gravitas Not Closing; The Twitter Rumor Mill Continues to Spin

    The blue plate fried chicken at Gravitas.​It started with a Twitter update from @jimbo126 this past Sunday, July 18: "Per waiter, Gravitas closing after today's bruch service. Sure felt like it - out of half the menu and no bread! Out of SALAD DRESSING." Before long, what was merely an out-of ... More >>

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    May 20, 2010

    The Twitterverse

    More than just cyberspace, the tweet life inspires people to make friends and adopt causes in person. It has a few problems, too.

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    May 19, 2010

    Twitter: The Five Most Annoying Things You Can Do

    No Foursquare or proctologist visits, please​In this week's cover feature, "The Twitterverse", we dive into the world of Twitter to spotlight some of the best things going with the social networking hub, and also uncover some of the worst things permeating the site. We talked to tweeting Texans in ... More >>

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    April 8, 2010

    Seven Followers, But Her Tweets Are Still Monitored By The Authorities, Maybe

    ​As much as social media broadens our horizons, be it through interpersonal or business relations, it creates a whole new universe of privacy issues. Friendswood-era college student Ashley Marzullo found that out firsthand last week after making an off-hand remark on Twitter last week on a particu ... More >>

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    November 17, 2009

    Metro Rolls Out Facebook & Twitter Accounts To Zero Fanfare

    ​In a press release clearly launched from the Stone Age, the Bayou City's Metropolitan Transit Authority (that's Metro, if you're nasty) puffed up its chest and triumphantly declared today that it is "expanding the conversation by adding social media tools Facebook and Twitter to its communica ... More >>

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    May 1, 2009

    Better Watch What You're Putting On Your Facebook Page

    Allegedly, more people use Facebook than e-mail, and during the last several months, Twitter became a verb. But for Corporate America, that could cause some problems, according to Houston attorney Chris Schaeper. "Twenty years ago, you might be having beers with an old frat buddy from college and ha ... More >>

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    February 12, 2009

    Musicians on Twitter

    Is the "microblog" Internet phenomenon the next leap forward or just a tweeting waste of time?

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    January 9, 2009

    Burger King Urges You to Abandon Your Friends for Whoppers

    I have to say, I wish Burger King's food was better. Because their marketing department is evidently full of interesting people who, unlike other companies who balk at any controversy whatsoever, simply do not care whose feelings get hurt. Burger King has announced the implementation of the Whoppe ... More >>

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    January 6, 2009

    Tweating Out

    Twitter, the microblogging and social media tool that's become increasingly popular among the technologically hip, both young and old, has literally thousands of applications.  How any one person (or company) uses Twitter is unique unto them.While some people (also called Twitterers or Tweeple) ... More >>

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    September 30, 2008
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    August 21, 2008
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    July 14, 2008

    Twitter Is Very Important!

    Some legislators have embraced the Interweb’s vast system of tubes more fully than others. U.S. Rep. John Culberson, for one, has especially taken to Twitter, where he can keep constituents posted of his thoughts as they come to him, 24-7. That’s why Culberson is worried that The Man (i.e. C ... More >>

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    April 28, 2008

    Twitter This

    All right, so everyone was all in a tizzy last week when it was discovered that some American graduate student was able to get himself out of an Egyptian jail by alerting his friends through Twitter, a social-networking site that allows people to send short messages to each other. I wish they’d ... More >>

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    December 6, 2007

    “Lawndale Has Many Friends”

    Brian Piana creates an entire art installation to gain Top Friend status

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    July 12, 2007

    Move Over, MySpace: Not So Fast

    Local musicians aren't ready to write off MySpace just yet

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    July 12, 2007

    Move Over, MySpace

    With friends like these...

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    June 14, 2007

    Sex Offenders on MySpace? No Way!

    Seven Texas sex offenders have been popped for using MySpace, according to Reuters: The seven, whose profiles on MySpace had already been removed under an internal program to weed out sex offenders prowling the News Corp.-owned site, were arrested for breaking parole or probation rules. The arrest ... More >>

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    May 10, 2007

    The Upside of MySpace

    How it's changed things for the better

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    July 13, 2006

    Rev It Up

    Roaring engines, screaming guitars and...Net safety?

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