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    May 22, 2014

    Ebay Hacked: If You Aren't Routinely Changing Passwords, a Reminder Why You Should

    I work with people everyday who entrust me with their passwords so I can assist them with their tech issues and I am constantly amazed at the overly simplistic nature of passwords for tremendously important data. It is reminiscent of the scene in Spaceballs where Dark Helmet says of the code to a pl ... More >>

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    February 8, 2013

    Upcoming Events: Your Chance to Taste Real Kobe Beef is at Killen's

    It's not too late to order those Valentine's Day sweets for your sweetie -- and if you order from Fluff Bake Bar, you can make the gift even sweeter: A whopping 40 percent of the proceeds from the bake sale will go to benefit Lucky Dog Rescue. Pastry chef Rebecca Masson has put together a menu of Fl ... More >>

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    March 26, 2012

    Seven Dos and Don'ts for Online Passwords and How to Manage Them

    In the Mel Brooks movie Spaceballs, Dark Helmet (played by Rick Moranis) finds out the passcode to the shield guarding Druidia, a planet from which he intends to steal all the air, is "12345." When hearing it, he responds, "So the combination is... one, two, three, four, five? That's the stupidest c ... More >>

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    June 28, 2011

    Be A Smarty: Birthday Boy Mel Brooks' Best Musical Numbers

    Mel Brooks, "The Hitler Rap" "I cut my finger. That's tragedy. A man walks into an open sewer and dies. That's comedy." Such is the philosophy of comedy icon Mel Brooks, who made a career out of making light of the heaviest of subject matter, including racism, the Spanish Inquisition and, perha ... More >>

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    March 17, 2011

    Planet of the Aping

    Too much sci-fi, not enough SNL in Paul.

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    March 22, 2010

    Twilight's Felix Hits The Kirby Borders

    Photo by Hallie Jordan​Preteens made a bum rush to the free Twilight-themed slap-bracelet table while waiting for an appearance of Daniel Cudmore, Felix in the movie New Moon, at a DVD release of the film Friday night. Cudmore's appearance, at the Borders Bookstore on Kirby, was part of a nationwi ... More >>

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    May 5, 2009

    R.I.P. Dom DeLuise

    According to multiple reports, actor, comedian, chef and cookbook author Dom DeLuise has passed away in Los Angeles at age 75. DeLuise starred in several Mel Brooks movies, including Blazing Saddles (above) and Spaceballs, as well as The End with Burt Reynolds, The Muppet Movie and just about every ... More >>

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    July 24, 2008

    Michael Winslow

    A noise man turns up the funny and heads back to stand-up