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    September 30, 2013

    The 10 Most Spinal Tap Moments From Metallica: Through the Never

    Over the weekend, Metallica: Through the Never opened in theaters nationwide. As a longtime fan of the planet's favorite heavy-metal band, I wasn't going to miss it. Not only because I love Metallica's music (the good stuff, anyway), but because I'm also a fan of hilariously overblown visual spectac ... More >>

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    September 25, 2013

    1,100 Beers, 31 States: One Young Kiwi Band's Summer-Long Odyssey

    This summer, indie bands everywhere booked out-of-town gigs, loaded up the van and hit the open American road in search of new fans and more success. They racked up miles and formed impressions of the places they visited. Few crossed an ocean, drove 15,000 miles or put as much trust in total strange ... More >>

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    September 10, 2013

    Norwegian Duo's Pop Sendup = Funniest Song of the Year

    Hey, remember how hard you laughed at "Gangnam Style" the first time you heard it? Before it got played into the ground and somehow became a legitimate radio hit, separate from the video that made it funny in the first place? Yeah, well, feast your eyes on the successor to the "Gangnam" throne. It' ... More >>

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    October 20, 2011

    Tony Iommi: Music's Other Man In Black Proves His Heavy Mettle

    ​Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath By Toni Iommi with T.J. Lammers Da Capo Press, 416 pp., $26. Imagine this passage being read in your best "Behind the Music" narration: It was in the center of a dirty, grimy sheet-metal factory in Birmingham, England, when a 1 ... More >>

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    March 29, 2011

    Avalon Calling: The Arthurian Myth In Pop, Goth And Metal

    ​Rocks Off got a press release the other day extolling the upcoming sixth studio album by metal band Anaal Nathrakh. We had no idea what the hell it was, and thought it was one of those weirdly-spelled porn spams we seem to get so much. Luckily, our editor knew that "Anaal Nathrakh" was the f ... More >>

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    February 16, 2011

    European Travel Tips For First-Time Bands

    ​Local favorites the Wild Moccasins embark on a six-week European tour this weekend. Rocks Off knows how daunting international travel can be, especially when you're on a multi-country blitzkrieg that exposes you to numerous languages and many differing cultural mores in a relatively short per ... More >>

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    August 6, 2010

    Texas Traveler: Stonehenge II on the Move

    Flickr photo by mlhradio​Stonehenge II, the worse-for-the-wear roadside attraction Texas Traveler visited early last year, is getting a new home and a new coat of paint, thanks to a local arts organization. The replica, two-thirds the size of the prehistoric original, was built in a corn fiel ... More >>

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    November 6, 2009

    Win Passes To 2012, And See What Other Religious Buildings They Wimped Out On Destroying

    Roland Emmerich, who never met a plot hole he couldn't fill with explosions and shitty dialogue, tells us there's one place we won't see bite the big one in his upcoming movie 2012:  [T]he 53-year-old director had wanted to demolish the Kaaba, the iconic cube-shaped structure in the Grand Mos ... More >>

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    May 21, 2009

    Behind the Metal

    Revealed: Everything you wanted to know — or didn't — about Canuck headbangers Anvil.<

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    April 30, 2009
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    April 22, 2009

    The Texas Traveler: Stonehenge II

    In a rural field on a little-traveled loop just west of Kerrville stands a sight right out of the set of Spinal Tap -- a miniature replica of the Stonehenge monolith. Stonehenge II stands just north of Hunt, in the middle of the Texas Hill Country. It's an oddity you might miss if you weren't ... More >>

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    March 3, 2009

    Spinal Tap Breaking Like the Wind at Jones Hall

    Spinal Tap (and friends), "Big Bottom," Live Earth, Wembley Stadium, London, July 2007 www.unwigged.comLegendary British heavy-metal pioneers Spinal Tap, authors of albums such as Smell the Glove and Shark Sandwich and stars of Rob Reiner's groundbreaking 1984 "rockument ... More >>

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    September 4, 2008
  • Home Entertainment

    September 4, 2008
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    August 10, 2006
  • Culture

    February 2, 2006

    Live Fast, Die Young, Leave Good-Looking Art

    The MFAH highlights 1980s art-world sensation Basquiat

  • Culture

    September 16, 2004

    Form School

    Aaron Siskind's photos turn the everyday into modern art

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    December 25, 2003

    The Class of '03

    Grab your gift certificates and trade in your white elephants -- here's what you really wanted for Christmas

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    October 24, 2002

    Art of the Deal

    A new effort hopes to transform billboards into beauty, at least for a month

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    June 24, 1999

    Ol' Sod Goes Vegas

    Athletic simplicity of Riverdance wows the crowd

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    July 2, 1998
  • Dining

    February 5, 1998

    Conversion Experience

    I was a doubter, but Cafe Beignet won me over

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    November 20, 1997
  • Dining

    May 2, 1996

    Meat Market

    Morton's of Chicago has surprises, as well as steaks, on its menu

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    January 26, 1995
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    January 26, 1995

    Moon Shots

    At the MFA, lunar imagery blurs the line between science and art

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    October 13, 1994