Thomas Lennon

  • Film

    April 16, 2009

    17 Again Is Less Than Zero

    Zac Efron should stick to musicals.

  • Film

    March 19, 2009

    Eternal Flame: I Love You, Man

    Not even Brody Jenner could extinguish the bromance.

  • Film

    August 30, 2007

    Balls of Fury

    Answer all correctly and win a Def Leppard album

  • Film

    June 23, 2005

    Car Trouble

    Herbie the Love Bug is back, and he bites

  • Culture

    May 26, 2005

    Excess Hollywood

    In the season of sequels and Happy Meal toys, '05 may be a pleasant surprise.

  • Film

    March 3, 2005

    Lt. Nanny

    Vin Diesel moves in, and the laughs move out

  • Film

    August 21, 2003

    Too Cute Kate

    Hudson and Watts cheese it up in France for Le Divorce

  • Film

    February 6, 2003

    Hudson Hawked

    Kate gets the hard sell in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

  • Film

    January 16, 2003

    Male Fraud

    Jason Lee lies to juggle two women, because, hey, it's A Guy Thing