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    September 27, 2012

    Burger Bars

    Houston's Top 10

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    September 18, 2012

    Partially Anonymous Food Critic Alison Cook Speaks at a Public Event, Is Dismayed When Eater Runs a Photo

    Houston Chronicle food critic Alison Cook appeared at a public event over the weekend, speaking in front of a large group at the Metropolitan Cooking Show in Reliant Center. Several audience members took photos of Cook, one of which was published on Eater Houston this morning under the headline: "Ch ... More >>

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    June 7, 2011

    Apple's iCloud and Cloud Computing: 10 Key Questions Answered

    Apple's iCloud service was introduced June 6​The Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote address -- the way Steve Jobs and crew announce new initiatives to fanboys (and girls) -- was even more anticipated than usual this year, so much so that Jobs made a special appearance despite ... More >>

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    March 25, 2011

    Openings & Closings

    ​The closure of Dolce Vita in the Woodlands after only a matter of months prompted some serious discussion on the food blog earlier this week. Does Marco Wiles hate the suburbs? That's unlikely, and taking it a bit far. But the idea that not every concept is a fit for every market is a well-es ... More >>

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    August 9, 2010

    Has the "Foodie" Backlash Begun?

    Courtesy of Toothpaste For Dinner​Late last year, all of the sister papers in the Village Voice Media chain were informed that we were no longer to use the word "foodie" in blogs or in print. The reason? "Foodie" has not only become overused but has developed a strongly negative connotation: A ... More >>

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    June 4, 2010

    Roger Ebert's Descent Into Twitter Madness

    Tweet addiction -- a growing problem ​Let it be established for the record that Roger Ebert is a gift to America.Whether you agree with his opinions all the time or not, his movie reviews are gracious, insightful, funny and erudite. His profiles are equally terrific.But we think the guy's go ... More >>

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    May 28, 2010

    FAIL: Crystal Bowersox, Bee Gees, Dave Matthews, M.I.A.

    ​ American Idol Runner-Up: Kick Her While She's Fail: In case you haven't heard, Crystal Bowersox was kicked off American Idol when it was revealed that her entire career path had simply been one of Hurley's delusions while still locked up in the psych ward, and that Seacrest Island had never even ... More >>