Winston Churchill

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    September 5, 2013
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    February 28, 2013

    The Ten Weirdest Members of Congress

    Texas claims three of the top spots.

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    August 23, 2012
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    August 14, 2012

    A&M Shooter Thomas Caffall's Disturbing Facebook Page: Yoda, Emily Dickinson, Commie Guns

    Thomas Caffall's mother told the media yesterday that she had been worried about her son's mental state, and from looking at his Facebook page, it's easy to see why. Having a right-wing gun nut in the family is one thing. Having one who goes around quoting Yoda and Emily Dickinson is another. Caffa ... More >>

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    July 5, 2012

    Bill Cody Omer: After his Pitbull Dies in Hot Car, Poses For Weird Mugshot

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new clubhouse leader in the Mugshot of the Year sweepstakes, not to mention another entrant in the list of idiots who don't know that leaving a dog in you car on a Texas summer afternoon is moronic and all-too-often fatal . Meet 23-year-old Bill Cody Omer, a college ... More >>

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    February 7, 2012

    Southern Discomfort: Kinky On the Road

    The one-liners come out of Kinky Friedman's mouth so fast you need a protective shield. "The only thing Rick Perry managed to do with his Presidential campaign was to make George W. look like Thomas 'Fucking' Jefferson." "Real people don't get into politics. The only people who get into politics ... More >>

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    September 13, 2011

    Confidential, The Classic Gossip Mag: Eight Of its Most Baffling Headlines

    Confidential was the most-feared Hollywood magazine back in the day. While still somewhat sedate by 21st-century standards, it was no-holds-barred in classic Hollywood. Famously, it lost a libel suit (in Britain) for saying Liberace was gay. Anyway, looking at covers that are floating around the w ... More >>

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    May 18, 2011

    Last Night: Bon Jovi At Toyota Center

    Photos by Groovehouse​Bon Jovi Toyota Center May 17, 2011 Keep the faith with Bon Jovi and their hordes of Houston fans in our slideshow. It's no easy feat to emerge relatively unscathed from the ruins of the '80s metal boom. Bon Jovi's more glam-oriented contemporaries can no longer hope to ... More >>

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    January 26, 2011

    Houston's Love Affair with Labrador Retrievers Remains, Boxers Not So Much

    King of Houston​Houston, you can't get enough of your Labs. Once again the goofy, lovable dogs lead the way in the American Kennel Club's list of most popular dogs in Houston. The venerable boxer, however, is fading a bit. In third place last year, he is now in fifth. But, as Winston Churchi ... More >>

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    January 6, 2011

    Don't Kill the Messengers

    How bike couriers plan to survive the internet age.

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    December 23, 2010

    Talk of the Nation

    How therapy saved the monarchy in The King's Speech.

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    December 23, 2010

    Kickass Movies of the Year

    Our Ten Favorites from 2010 – including Jackass 3D.

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    September 21, 2010

    A Deep Discussion Of Thug Life With Thugz Of Normandy

    The hip-hop world is a less than sensible place - lots of times, you're even required to clarify when bad means bad and when bad means good - so once a week we're going to get with a rapper and ask them to explain things. Have something you always wanted to ask a rapper? Email it to sheaserrano@gmai ... More >>

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    August 17, 2010

    Top 5 Fine Food Arts

    Japanese Bento Box "Mona Lisa"​Art created from food has a uniquely universal appeal and a certain whimsy that you don't always find with other media. But food artists are often dismissed as "novelty," despite the powerful reach of their work and the fact that it's often crafted out of some of ... More >>

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    May 25, 2010

    Finally! Someone Auto-Tunes A Pack Of Wolves!

    In the past year we have heard people Auto-Tune most everything you can think of: Winston Churchill, Chris Crocker, a teary-eyed family reunion, and the late Billy Mays are just some of the clips we have been sending and posting for any one who will listen, mainly late at night or while we are at s ... More >>

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    February 11, 2010

    Public Denied The Chance To See The $400 Million Quartet

    ​You probably didn't notice, but Democratic gubernatorial candidates Bill White and Farouk Shami debated Monday.It was a snoresville of an event, but now we know why: Organizers turned down the chance to hear $400 million worth of political charisma.Who could be worth that much money for a politic ... More >>

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    December 30, 2009

    Get Lit: Paul McCartney: A Life by Peter Ames Carlin

    ​Rocks Off understands that this effort is meant for a more general audience and not a Beatles obsessive like himself who owns a bookcase stocked with 93 Fab-related tomes (we counted). And on that level, A Life is a fine if surface summation of the life and career of Sir Paul. Much of Carlin's na ... More >>

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    August 27, 2009

    Mr. Blood Red, Vol. 2

    Two decades after the severed ear of Reservoir Dogs, Quentin Tarantino serves up Hitler's head on a plate.

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    December 1, 2008

    Sam Houston's Not The First Politician To Be In A Cheesy Ad

    If you needed any more evidence that Comcast was an agent of evil on par with Al Qaeda or whomever makes those peanut-butter-filled pretzels, look no further than the cable company's inescapable local commercials featuring Sam Houston. The former Texas President/Governor is shown engaging in a varie ... More >>

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    February 22, 2007
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    May 11, 2006
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    January 5, 2006

    Don't Ask, Don't Be

    A Houston-area man leads the fight against the ban on gays in the military

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    April 11, 2002

    Houston, Icarus Has Landed (in Montrose)

    Flying too close to the sun with Jason "Spaceman" Pierce

  • Culture

    March 15, 2001

    All Systems Go

    Despite its flaws, Unhinged's ambitious Code adds up

  • Dining

    December 28, 2000

    Some Sugars Added

    Speaking off the toque: Richard Hazzard

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    February 10, 2000

    Glamour of Glaw

    The leader of the Vulgarians makes a fashion statement

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    May 20, 1999
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    November 13, 1997

    Old-Time Fun

    Makin' Whoopee is retrograde in a number of ways -- not all of them good

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    October 31, 1996
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    March 2, 1995

    All About Elyse

    After years of making Mayor Bob presentable, Houston's First Lady is ready to get serious. Seriously.