10 Items to Buy at Hubbell & Hudson Market Before It Closes

A few months ago, Hubbell & Hudson Market was hopping with shoppers. The entrance was filled with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, displays of gorgeous bouquets and shelves of holiday-themed treats. As you walked through the store, you were greeted with samples of artisanal cheeses and meats, fresh-squeezed juices, slices of fluffy bread and everything else in between.

Now, the only way I know how to describe Hubbell & Hudson Market is by saying it is a sad scene. The employees are distraught, unmotivated and have no pep in their step as they once did; the once-overflowing produce section is diminished to practically nothing, and the display counters for cheese and deli meats are almost empty.

"What day are y'all closing?" I asked my cashier. "March 12 is our last day," she responded without even glancing up at me.

It's sad to see Hubbell & Hudson Market close. It's sad to see a once happy-go-lucky specialty grocery store so dim and lifeless.

But, as Hubbell's Market enters its final month of operation, it's time to stock up on the best items you normally cannot find at other stores. Here are my ten picks for the foods and products you should buy before Hubbell & Hudson Market says good-bye forever.

You won't regret stocking up on dry-aged beef.
You won't regret stocking up on dry-aged beef.

Dry-Aged Beef

Hubbell & Hudson is known for its dry-aged beef. You won't find anything like it at standard grocery stores, such as Kroger or Randalls. Purchase a few steaks for that evening (or save for Valentine's Day) and grab a couple more to freeze. The extra flavor and tenderness from the dry-aging process makes Hubbell's beef outstanding.

There are just a few flavors left.
There are just a few flavors left.

Jeni's Ice Cream

This Ohio-based ice cream is a special treat found at Hubbell & Hudson. As of Sunday, February 9, the market had only a few half pints left, so act fast if you want smooth, sweet and extra-creamy ice cream in fruity and exotic flavors, such as wildberry lavender and chamomile.

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