10 Overrated Foods

In our opinion, the fashion statement of food, rather than the actual taste of a certain dish, is what makes a food overrated and trending. (By the way, writing the words “the fashion statement of food” bums us out so hard. Why can’t food just be something that we eat?)

Many of you should be ashamed.

Disagree? Oh yeah? Then why else would something as disgusting as pork belly become something that people “enjoy”?

Red velvet

“Red velvet” is often some dude’s shallow go-to line to try to impress a love interest with his pretend deep food palette. The uninformed sentiment is as tasteless as red-velvet cake, which is usually super-dry and a bit like eating recirculated airplane air.


Bacon soap. Bacon perfume. Bacon-scented underwear. Bacon.

Please stop.

It will never make sense why a processed, super-salty meat that’s often impossible to cook just “right” became a fad that upchucked skin regimens and numerous books such as Bacon: A Love Story and Fifty Shades of Bacon.

Pork belly

Perhaps the definition of a restaurant-piloted trend food, pork belly is basically oversized bacon, but more like a sliver of meat that's attached to an undercooked fat lump that quivers like gelatin.

It’s cool to eat something horrible every once in a while, but it actually has to taste good.

Deep-dish pizza

While people are in Chicago, especially for the first time, destroying deep-dish pizza is often on the list. Skip it.

It often takes 30 to 40 minutes to make. To fill the uncomfortable gap of time, a couple of beers are usually tipped back, which exacerbates the forthcoming misery.

By the time the round-steel-panned pizza that’s inches deep arrives at the table, you’re starved. Before you know it, inches (inches!) of dough, mozzarella, possibly meats, a finishing layer of uncooked sauce and beer are just sitting there, in your stomach, as the ultimate gut bomb and the quintessential bummer.


Like bacon, cupcakes are another circa-ten-years-ago overrated food, but the hype of sugar on top of sugar on top of more sugar lives on.

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