100 Favorite Dishes

100 Favorite Houston Dishes 2015, No. 68: Fume Pizza at Pizaro's Pizza Napoletana

The first thing to love about Pizaro’s is the crust. It’s thin, Neapolitan-style and hits that sweet spot between chewy and crunchy. It’s absolutely the best when Pizaro’s leaves its pizzas in the oven long enough for the outside edge to bubble and even blacken just a bit. People unfamiliar with that style of pizza wrongheadedly think that it’s “burned” or maybe just don’t like the char. As a result, the restaurant seems to have reduced its cooking time a bit, so mention how you like it.

The second thing to love about Pizaro’s is that it is BYOB. Both locations considerately stock a supply of small glass tumblers, so you don’t have to worry about having to drink from a plastic cup. Those who feel they must drink from stemmed glasses will need to bring their own.

The third thing to love about Pizaro’s is the elegant topping combinations. Pizaro’s has a knack for creating pizza that is flavorful yet not overwrought. My personal go-to, the Fumé, only has four ingredients — smoked mozzarella, speck (smoked prosciutto), olive oil and basil — and yet it is perfectly satisfying to the palate.

For maximum fun, go with a group of friends. Each can bring wine or beer to share and order his or her own personal favorite. It makes for a casual but memorable evening.

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Phaedra Cook
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