100 Favorite Dishes

100 Favorite Houston Dishes 2015: No. 80, Hummus Supreme At Al’s Quick Stop

Al’s Quick Stop and Meat Market looks kind of dumpy from the outside, but inside all sorts of surprises await. It’s no ordinary convenience store, having long catered to the needs of the Montrose community. Here, you can find good Belgian beer, a bottle of Vouvray, Pepperidge Farm Cookies and all sorts of other sundries.

Look closely and that’s not the only surprise you’ll find. The full name is “Al’s Quick Stop & Meat Market” and, sure enough, at the food ordering counter there’s a glass case of meats marinating. There’s adobada, or pork marinated in chile sauce, spices and a bit of vinegar; lengths of skirt steak and marinated chicken breast.

Most surprising, though, is the food that comes from the little kitchen. It’s been consistently good for years. Al’s serves two kinds of cuisines, Mexican and Mediterranean, and if that’s not enough of an odd combination, how about hummus topped with lamb gyro?

Run away if you want to, hummus purists! The Hummus Supreme is a real eye-opener. Yes, meat can go really great with hummus—if it’s the right kind. Lamb gyro meat is diced into small chunks, darkly seared on a flat top to a crisp, then strewn over the top.

The hummus isn’t fancy—there aren’t additions like sundried tomato, lemon zest or excess garlic—but it’s great nonetheless. There are pickled cucumber and beets on top for a little extra zing. White pita bread is served alongside so you have a choice. Split it in half and fill it like a pita sandwich or tear off hunks and scoop up the mixture of creamy dip and beef as you go. Either way, it’s filling and satisfying and Al's has a few sets of tables and chairs out front to enjoy your meal al fresco

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Phaedra Cook
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