The sign company messed up at this new Iranian joint. It's Hafez, the owner says, not Hafaez. They are coming back to remove the extra "A."

$13 at Hafez Restaurant on Westheimer

Where: Hafez Restaurant, 11312 Westheimer 281 558-8181

What $13 gets you: Chicken Soltani plate, an iced tea, tax and tip

The $10 Chicken Soltani plate at Hafez, a brand new Iranian restaurant on Westheimer near Wilcrest, consists of one skewer of marinated chicken shish kabob and one skewer of the ground seasoned chicken called chicken koobideh. The golden grilled chicken is taken off the skewers and served over saffron basmati rice with a grilled tomato. You also get an herb plate on the side with raw onion, parsley, basil and feta cheese.

Recommended? Yeah, man. Or you can opt for filet mignon on a stick ($10.99), lamb chops ($9.99), Cornish game hen ($8.99) or salmon kabob ($8.99). And then there’s the bargain option: two skewers of ground beef kabob with bread and tomato on bread (no rice) for a mere $5.50. The hot eggplant, garlic and yogurt dish called kashk-e-bademjon is a luscious special if you are meat-challenged.

Bonus point: Half a chicken with two sides is $7.99, and that’s a meal for two.

Extra bonus point: All the hot, fresh-from-the-oven, taftoon bread your heart desires.

-- Robb Walsh


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