5 Best Theme Foods and Drinks to Enjoy While Watching Orange Is the New Black, Season 2

The inmates long for real roast chicken.
The inmates long for real roast chicken.

F*ck Game of Thrones. I'm currently obsessed with Orange Is the New Black, the second season of which premiers June 6 on Netflix. To celebrate, I plan to host a viewing party and serve food and drink inspired by the series (diehard fans, rest assured a certain female sanitary product sandwich is not on the menu). Here my five favorite "Orange Is the New Black" theme comestibles:

5. Roast Chicken. In episode 5 "The Chickening," Piper spots an errant chicken while reading one Sunday morning. Her casual mention of this fowl-sighting sparks a frenzy among the inmates, especially Red, who salivates at the thought of roasting a "proper" chicken. Her offer of a reward for anyone who catches the chicken leads some prisoners to go hunting for it, though others are more motivated by the thought it is actually stuffed with valuable drugs.

4. Coconut Cake. Though it never actually appears on screen, Miss Claudette Pelage's coconut cake is apparently really, really good. So good, in fact, that inmate Tricia offers Claudette sexual favors in exchange for making the cake for her girlfriend's release party. Miss Claudette declines, though in a later we see her assembling ingredients such as contraband French vanilla.

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