5 Best Uses for Toasted Marshmallows (Besides in S'Mores)

Toasted marshmallow makes a lovely crown for a cupcake.
Toasted marshmallow makes a lovely crown for a cupcake.
Photo by Slice of Chic

What is it about the sweet charred carbon shell and gooey interior of a toasted marshmallow that is so intoxicating? Convention dictates that we should wedge it between a square of chocolate and graham crackers, but this burnt spongy cylinder has the ability to complement so many other dishes. Here are five foods much improved by the addition of a toasted marshmallow.

5. Sundae Topping. Especially good on chocolate ice cream. Unlike regular marshmallow sundae topping, toasted marshmallows, with their crackly surface and dense insides, diversity the texture of your sundae as well as add an undercurrent of smoky flavor that cuts the sweetness.

4. Cocktail Garnish. Adorn chocolate martini or even a White Russian with a toasted marshmallow to dress up the taste and the presentation. If you want your drink to match with its garnish, try this toasted marshmallow martini recipe.

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