50-cent Breakfast: Spicy Hog's Head Cheese

50-cent Breakfast: Spicy Hog's Head Cheese

I heard the lines were pretty long outside of Denny's this morning. This is the day that all Denny's locations are serving a free Grand Slam breakfast. I like eggs and pancakes and all, but I started wondering if Denny's food was really worth waiting in line for. Then I remembered that I bought a dollar's worth of spicy hot hog's head cheese at Davis Meat Company on Lockwood yesterday.

A dollar's worth amounted to two thick slices. I had some on sourdough toast with a cup of black tea and a glass of orange juice. The hog's head cheese tasted like a gelatinous country pate, only it was so peppery it made my lips burn all morning. One slice, half a dollar's worth, was enough to cover the toast. It was a hell of a breakfast.

Fifty cents may not be free, but it's close enough for me.

-Robb Walsh

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