90-Year-Old Cupcakes

90-Year-Old Cupcakes

Hostess Cupcakes celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. But you wouldn't recognize the original chocolate cupcake that came out in 1919 -- the signature seven squiggles and cream filling weren't added until 1950. Americans currently consume more than 600 million Hostess CupCakes every year, making it the world's largest-selling cupcake and the baking company's No. 1 product. The Hostess Twinkie® comes in second.

Many Mexican bakeries sell imitations that look just like Hostess cupcakes, only bigger. These are often called penguinos for the black-and-white color scheme. At El Bollilo on Airline across from Canino's, the penguinos are a dollar each. The cake is moist, the filling doesn't taste like chemicals, and the cupcakes taste freshly baked. I like them a lot better than the original, although there are only five squiggles on top.

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