A Fish Poor Boy in the Nickel

A Fish Poor Boy in the Nickel

The artist Bert Long gave me a tour of his garden in the Fifth Ward last week. He pulled some bok choy that was going to seed and cut some spicy arugula leaves and put them in a plastic bag for me to take home. It was lunch time, and I asked him what he recommended. He told me to try the fish poor boy at the Nickel Sandwich Shop.

A Fish Poor Boy in the Nickel

The Nickel Sandwich Shop is on Lyons near the corner of Lockwood. A fish poor boy with fries and a drink goes for something like $5.19 there. You can get your choice of catfish or trout for the same price. The fish is seasoned with a spicy coating and deep-fried extra-crispy. I got my sandwich fully dressed with lettuce, tomato, purple onion slices and tartar sauce. It was very tasty and a helluva deal.

I wish I had thought to put a little of Bert's arugula on it.

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