A Juicy Cheeseburger at Saint Dane

A Juicy Cheeseburger at Saint Dane

The bacon cheeseburger at Saint Dane Bar & Grille at Elgin and Brazos starts with a frozen patty but somehow manages to stay moist and juicy. The onion rings are average, but the large cheeseburger comes with your choice of any side and sells for a mere $6. Watch for the daily specials - I like to go on Wednesdays when chicken wings are a quarter.

The location, formerly the home of Late Nite Pie, started out as a gas station and still opens and closes by means of the original garage doors. The name Saint Dane has nothing to do with the villain of the Pendragon Adventure, a series of fantasy books for adolescents. One owner has a Saint Bernard and the other has a Great Dane. Their idea was to make Saint Dane a dog-friendly neighborhood pub with a full menu of low-priced food.

The scenery is pretty spectacular too -- looking north there's a great view of the downtown skyline.

-- Robb Walsh


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