An art, not an afterthought

That's what java is elevated to at PJ's Coffee & Tea Co. Originally established in the vieux carre, PJ's has the fine food attitude, mas yeah. Beans galore, of course, and Bodum and other Italian and arty coffee makers and fetish items for caffeine fiends. Also in the art department, a selection of postcards, notecards and T-shirts celebrating the fine arts and the bean.

And, hey shopper, how long's it been since you a big steaminÕ bowl of foamy latte? Why not take a shopping break at PJs? Sit outside, stare into the Christmas tree lot across the street and sip until your nerves are settled.

Gift wrapping and shipping, uh huh. No credit cards.
Mon.-Thu., 7 a.m.-11 p.m.

PJ.s Coffee & Tea Co., 4321 Montrose, 521-2002.


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