Ça C'est Bon

No one who works at Café Artiste (1601 West Main, 713-528-3704) speaks with a Cajun accent, but the menu sure does. The Cajun omelette ($6.99) is a tasty gathering of what any Cajun might have left over in his refrigerator or pantry -- except maybe the Pearl Beer and yesterday's gumbo. Slices of fried potato, chunks of spicy sausage, eggs, onion and bell pepper -- the five major food groups -- make an appearance in this omelette, which is cooked so that it's slightly crispy around the edges. (And the healthy serving makes sure it sticks around the ribs.) Okay, so anyone might have these ingredients in their kitchen, but not just anyone would think to throw them together in a skillet for an egg extravaganza. Shake a bottle of Tabasco over it to thicken that Cajun accent.


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