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    In the Garden - Meet Camille Waters, an urban guerrilla armed with lettuce

    Camille Waters is the premier urban gardener of Houston, an earth mother who makes enough money from the lettuce she grows to vacation in Mexico every summer -- when it's too hot to grow lettuce here anyhow. "Camille has shown that an urban gardener...

    by Marene Gustin on March 27, 2003
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    Paella for One - Las Alamedas

    The Spanish dish paella takes its name from the paellera, the shallow, two-handled, iron pan in which it is both cooked and served. The Romans brought this utensil to Spain, while the Arabs brought the rice to go in it -- it's an early example of fus...

    by Paul Galvani on March 27, 2003
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    Dinner and Darts - The Rivendell Bar & Grille

    When we first enter The Rivendell Bar & Grille, we walk by two women who are talking intently on a big sofa by the front door. One has her legs curled up comfortably underneath her, and they're both working on pints of beer. In the back, near a pool ...

    by Robb Walsh on March 20, 2003
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    Curry in a Hurry - Stone Mill Bakers

    What makes Stone Mill Bakers' (2518 Kirby Drive, 713-524-6600) signature curried chicken salad sandwich ($6.95) different? Everything. Start with what Stone Mill does best: bread. The freshly baked wheat slices are dense but moist, loaded with plump ...

    by Robin Barr Sussman on March 20, 2003
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    Katy Pie - Pizza Bella

    Roma tomatoes sliced thin lengthwise, a smattering of fresh basil leaves and a little garlic over olive oil -- these are the only toppings on the margherita pie at Pizza Bella. I'm even more impressed with the crust: Light and airy with a few yeast b...

    by Robb Walsh on March 13, 2003
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    A Tale of Two Moles - To make from scratch or use a paste -- that is the question

    Holy mole, sauce of the gods. The word comes from the Aztec mulli, meaning "sauce," and legend has it that the chocolate nectar came down from the temples through some nuns in Puebla who are credited with the current-day mole poblano version. The com...

    by Marene Gustin on March 13, 2003
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    Any Given Sunday - Katz's Deli & Bar

    The problem with David's spinach frittata ($8.99) at Katz's Deli & Bar (616 Westheimer, 713-521-3838) is that it's available only as a Sunday brunch item. Something this good deserves a spot on the everyday menu. A frittata is an Italian version of a...

    by Paul Galvani on March 13, 2003
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    Whirled Cuisine - Farrago

    A half-pound of medium-rare Black Angus hamburger meat smothered in melting Gorgonzola and topped with a pile of wispy batter-fried onions sits atop a honey-wheat bun bottom. I pick up the top half of the bun, which has three black lines attesting to...

    by Robb Walsh on March 6, 2003
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    Bye-Bye, Bistrot? - Monica Pope contemplates her future on Montrose -- and in Houston

    Could award-winning chef Monica Pope be pulling up stakes? Maybe. Her lease for the Boulevard Bistrot space at 4319 Montrose Boulevard expired February 28. Pope and her partner, general manager Andrea Lazar, had hoped to sign a long-term lease for t...

    by Marene Gustin on March 6, 2003
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    The Power of Three - The River Cafe

    The power of three: The Taos empanada ($6.25) at The River Cafe (3615 Montrose, 713-529-0088) takes the classic south-of-the-border treat to new heights in a totally vegetarian way. Inside the baked puff pastry dome, spinach, corn, onions and carrots...

    by Paul Galvani on March 6, 2003
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    Gem on Jones - Get to A Taste of Portugal before Tony Vallone tells everybody about it

    A large party at the front of the restaurant is getting a lot of attention. A Taste of Portugal's chef jokes with them as he carries dishes out to their table. You just don't see that kind of personal touch in a Houston restaurant anymore. "What a fi...

    by Robb Walsh on February 27, 2003
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    College Throwback - The Ocean Grill's Salty Dog

    "You don't exactly strike me as the kind of guy to order a salty dog," said the bartender at the Ocean Grill (2227 Seawall Boulevard, Galveston, 409-762-7100). Apparently, the typical drinker of a salty dog is a seagoing fisherman just returning from...

    by J.W. Crooker on February 27, 2003
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    Homeburger - Lankford Grocery and Market

    Tucked away between the spiffy lofts and towering town homes of Midtown, Lankford Grocery and Market (88 Dennis, 713-522-9555) is a throwback. The 1940s icehouse comes complete with wood-paneled walls, lumpy booths, plastic tablecloths, down-home ser...

    by Robin Barr Sussman on February 27, 2003
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    Say Cheez - An ode to the stuff that makes Jake's Philly Steaks

    The Villanova, Temple and Penn State pennants on the wall give me a good feeling about Jake's Philly Steaks. Even more reassuring is the souvenir menu from Pat's King of Steaks, where the steak sandwich was invented. But when I reach the counter and ...

    by Robb Walsh on February 20, 2003
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    Night Owls - The Proletariat's Mai Tai

    It was late afternoon when I stumbled into the Proletariat (905 Richmond, 713-525-4499), and let's just say happy hour was not in full swing (read: I was the only person in the joint). Despite slashed drink prices in the early hours, the proletarians...

    by J.W. Crooker on February 20, 2003
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    Smoke Rings - Los Tios

    The ingredients for the beef mesquite fajitas ($10.95) at Los Tios (4840 Beechnut, 713-660-6244) are so compelling that you may need a tortilla the diameter of a beach ball to make room for everything you want to include. Alas, these are just mortal ...

    by Carol Rust on February 20, 2003
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    Teachings of the Pope - Learning to love Boulevard Bistrot

    We're still shivering when the waitress brings our menus. Maybe it's the January chill that causes us both to want the dish called winter curry, or maybe it's just the most intriguing thing on Boulevard Bistrot's seasonal menu. I gallantly let my din...

    by Robb Walsh on February 13, 2003
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    White Nights - Pale wines grow up, and Houstonians take notice

    Is white the new red, if not for fashion this spring then for wine? "In New York it's all about Chardonnay," says Cafe Annie's master sommelier Paul Roberts. "Our climate doesn't make sense for reds, yet people still want Cabernets. But I do see tha...

    by Marene Gustin on February 13, 2003
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    Insanely Good - Josephine's Italian Ristorante

    The Italian word for eggplant is melanzane, which comes from the Latin melum insanum, meaning either "unhealthy apple" or "mad apple." It's no wonder, then, that the poor fruit was regarded with much mistrust in Italy when it was first introduced fro...

    by Paul Galvani on February 13, 2003
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    Suburban Escape - Raoul's Red Apple Martini

    I was tired of the downtown scene, where big-haired, jobless 27-year-olds wearing skintight jeans were about the best you could hope for in terms of a little action. It was time to head out to the burbs and look for a rich divorce who might need a l...

    by J.W. Crooker on February 13, 2003
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