Troy Fields


Whenever people who've never been to Houston picture a night out here, they imagine a bar filled with people in cowboy hats, barstools made from saddle leather and line-dancing along to songs about how awesome Texas is. Although most of us know this image is grossly inaccurate, there are some places in our fair city that fit the description to a tee. Armadillo Palace (5015 Kirby, 713-526-9700) is one such locale. Boasting a proud collection of pretty much every stereotype the rest of the nation has bestowed upon the Lone Star State, except perhaps a shrine to the Bush family, Armadillo Palace is as Texan as beers, steers and the military-industrial complex. I realize this as I sit down on a saddle-leather barstool and order a Shiner. Two elderly people to my left are alternating between making out and groping each other's asses, while two girls to my right, presumably med students, discuss various STD horrors they've recently seen in medical pathology books. I realize I'm down to the backwash of my Shiner and ask a bartender if she can recommend any good drinks that are unique to the Armadillo. Instantly perturbed, she conjures up a drink menu from somewhere behind the bar and tosses it at me with a Texas-size sigh as she moves on to the next customer. I order a whiskey sour in her honor.

3 ounces Wild Turkey

3 ounces sour mix


Armadillo Palace


Combine whiskey and sour mix in a rocks glass. Stir to taste. Add ice. Git 'er done.


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