Azuma on the Lake

The Azuma Group has an addition to its growing list of restaurants, which includes Soma Sushi, Kata ­Robata Sushi & Grill, Azuma Downtown and Azuma Sushi & Robata Bar. Azuma on the Lake (15830 Southwest Fwy., 281-313-0518) just opened in Sugar Land. Dish spoke with Ryan Snyder, director of operations for the group.

"There's not a lot of high-end sushi being served in Sugar Land," he says. "Most of it is very Americanized." Snyder has racked up 15 years in the hospitality industry and was the manager of Kubo's Sushi in the Village. "We had a lot of people asking us to open Azuma in Sugar Land. The market was ready for us. Now there's no need to drive inside the Loop to have a great sushi experience." The two-story restaurant, adjacent to a small body of water on the corner of 59 and Highway 6, is one of the largest in the group and spectacularly appointed. "We're known for our beautiful aesthetics and our Zen-like quality. You spend a lot of time eating, so it may as well be in a nice environment," says Snyder.

The menu includes some of the best-selling dishes from other restaurants in the group, like the Ocean and Orzo, shrimp and scallops mixed with orzo pasta, and the Lobster Ceviche Salad. Dish enjoyed the Chili Shrimp appetizer — three large, butterflied and battered shrimp served with a spicy chile sauce, two slices of French bread and scallions. This was followed by the Azuma Beef, chunks of Angus New York strip steak simmered in a sweet sauce and served in an iron konro, or small bowl, on top of a heating element.


Azuma on the Lake

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