Bar-B-Que Smoker Blues
Photo by Robb Walsh

Bar-B-Que Smoker Blues

Bar-B-Que Blues, a new barbecue joint located in the Harry Green's old place on Almeda, is the subject of this week's Café review. The ribs I sampled there were outstanding, but the brisket could have used a little more smoke. When I asked pit boss Neil Wilkins what kind of smoker he was using, he hemmed and hawed.

So after I was finished with lunch, I drove around back and to see if the smoker was visible. I was shocked to encounter a little barrel-type smoker somewhat smaller than the one I have at home. Maybe there's a bigger commercial unit tucked away out of sight somewhere, but it sure looks like Neil Wilkins is trying to run a restaurant out of backyard barbecue smoker.

Anybody got one they can loan him?


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