Beyond Cocoa Puffs: Top Other 5 Chocolate Cereals to Try

I'm so glad these worlds joined forces.
I'm so glad these worlds joined forces.
Photo by Joanna O'Leary

You know, in theory, morning is probably the best time (metabolically speaking) to eat chocolate since your body will have the rest of the day to burn off the calories. So, there's your justification for eating a Hershey bar for breakfast. Or, if you want to disguise (sort of) your indulgence as a traditional matutinal meal, try one of these five chocolate cereals:

5. Chocolate Cheerios. A good choice for those who usually find chocolate cereals simplistic and cloyingly sweet, chocolate cheerios boasts strong notes of cocoa with the unmistakable oat bran flavor characteristic of original cheerios. I suggest using very cold two percent milk to maximize taste and textural crunch.

4. Special K Chocolatey Strawberry. The chocolate almond variety of Special K is decent, but I prefer chocolate strawberry for the way in which the chocolate chunks and sweet berry slices enliven the rice flakes. Don't know, though, if eating entire boxes in one sitting is part of Kellogg's official weight-loss plan.

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