Beyond Iced Tea: 5 Best Drinks Traditionally Served Hot Just As Good Cold

Iced Chai
Iced Chai
Photo by xelipe

The sweaty season is upon us and when rehydrating I can't stand anything warmer than room temperature (of your average apartment during winter in Siberia). Just because the weather calls for chilled drinks doesn't mean certain beverages are off-limits; here are five beverages usually served hot that taste just as good (or better!) cold.

5. Coffee. No better pick-me-up when you're straggling in the middle of a humid afternoon, especially with a splash of cold cream. As a relatively inexperienced coffee drinker, I can't comment on the various merits of different cold-brewing processes, though I will say that using ice cubes made out of coffee seems like a pretty good idea unless you like your java watery.

4. Mulled Wine. You don't have to wait until December to enjoy some hearty and refreshing mulled wine. Use those spice packets leftover from the holidays (or make your own) to make this boozy brew. Cool to room temperature after seasoning is fully absorbed, then refrigerated until chilled.

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