Beyond the G&T: 5 Best Gin Cocktails

Negroni Cocktail
Negroni Cocktail
Photo by Kenn Wilson

Although it's hard not to think "tonic" when putting together a gin cocktail, there's plenty of other mixers that complement this spirit. Here are five icy juniper berry spirit libations perfect for the dog days of summer.

5. Salty Dog. Wedding salt with grapefruit juice and gin, The Salty Dog is the perfect plural marriage of sour, sugary, and savory. Use pink grapefruit if you like a sweeter potion and yellow grapefruit to up the pucker factor. And, don't forget the salt rim--without it, the drink is just a Greyhound.

4. Negroni. In 2019, the Negroni cocktail will turn 100 years old, but there's no need to postpone celebrating. Boasting a sexy scarlet hue thanks to the inclusion of vermouth, the negroni isn't sickly sweet as this color might suggest. Rather, the combination of gin and campri give it an earthy bite that is only mildly tempered by the sugar of the vermouth.

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