BK Rodeo Burger Chicken Sandwich: A One-Dollar Disappointment (But Still Not Half-Bad)

Do I really have to write a "Where's the beef?!" caption?
Do I really have to write a "Where's the beef?!" caption?
Photos by Christina Uticone

I don't expect much from a dollar-menu sandwich. I just need it to taste good, and hopefully, be the actual sandwich that I ordered. For the eleventy billionth time, my fast-food order has been dead wrong. (This happens regularly, regardless of company, whether I order inside or use the drive-thru.) In this particular case I'm not surprised, as the sound quality of the drive-thru microphone at the Burger King on Kirby is comically bad -- I couldn't understood a word from the person who took my order, so this seems to be a two-way malfunction.

So I ordered the Rodeo Burger, thinking, "Hey, it's almost Rodeo here in Houston -- good timing for a rodeo-inspired promotion!" And at the end, I ended up thinking, "Man. I wish I had just eaten a Rodeo BURGER."

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I'm not crazy. Before she even handed me my order, the woman said, aloud, "Rodeo Burger, right?" to which I answered, "Yes!" before handing over the $1.08. Even the receipt shores up that I did, in fact, order a COW PRODUCT. And, to be honest, I laughed when I saw that they gave me the Rodeo Chicken sandwich instead. Maybe this will be my thing, forever, and I should just roll with it. Maybe I really should start ordering the opposite of what I want to see if reverse-order psychology works. I have options, is my point. So now let's look at the Rodeo Chicken sandwich.


Yes, it is a little on the sad-looking side, but for one dollar it's a satisfying enough bite. If your three favorite things in the world are chicken tenders, onion rings and barbecue sauce, this is your perfect sandwich. This is not a sandwich you can eat when you get home, however, as extreme sogginess sets in quickly. Burger King uses really sweet onions for their onion rings, which I love, but they are hard to enjoy unless they're crunchy, so I truly do advise wolfing this little guy down as quickly as possible. The "sweet and spicy" sauce is mostly sweet -- this is where stashing packets of hot sauce in your car for emergencies comes in handy, and a dash from one such packet from my console made the whole thing really work -- for me, anyway.

As for the Rodeo Burger? I doubt I'll head back to BK, so instead I'll think I'll eat an actual burger at the actual rodeo. I suspect that's the Rodeo Burger for me.

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