Black Alfajores at Rustika

Black Alfajores at Rustika

Take two cookies, stick them together with a thick dulce de leche filling, and you have an alfajor,a much beloved sweet in South America and Mexico. I got some black alfajores at Rustika bakery the other day and took them to a friend's house. They were suitably impressed. The caramel filling was delicious, and the cookies were rolled in walnuts then iced with chocolate. These go great with a cup of espresso --who needs sugar in the coffee?

If you cover an alfajor with chocolate icing, it's a black alfajor; cover it with a vanilla icing, and it's a white alfajor. Then there's the half-and-half "black and whites," and the powdered sugar version known as an alfajor de nieve, or "snow-covered" cookie. There are also "triple alfajores" made with three cookies, and a host of other variations.

Alfajor is an Arabic word that means "great sweet.' The word made its way into the Spanish language during the period when Spain was under Arab rule. Can anybody recommend other bakeries for alfajores in Houston?

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