Troy Fields


"The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light." — Isaiah 9:2. The aftermath of the recent little weather event caused me to get downright biblical, like Samuel L. Jackson biblical, when I saw lights illuminated on my street driving home. Yes, the line crew angels had finally restored power to my neighborhood. Power, I say, power to the people! The darkness had been lifted. It was time to celebrate (like I need an excuse to drink). I think I heard a choir singing when I entered the pearly gates of Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar (307 Fairview, 713-269-0859). A surprisingly large congregation had assembled to rejoice in this momentous occasion. Or maybe they just wanted to watch open-mike night. As I often do, I asked myself, WWJD (what would Jesus drink)? Wine seemed appropriate, so we ordered the red sangria, a house specialty. Sweet nectar. And the ice, my God, the ice! It's the little things we miss. I almost forgot to ask for the recipe — I was certain that our bartender, Kwjuana, had just started with water and, well, you know the rest...

1 1/2 liters California Merlot

8 ounces grenadine

8 ounces E&J Brandy

4 ounces simple syrup

Freshly squeezed apple juice

Freshly squeezed orange juice

2 sectioned oranges

1 sliced apple

This recipe makes one batch of drinks. Place wine, grenadine, brandy, simple syrup and fruit in a one-gallon pitcher. Top off pitcher with fruit juices and stir. Chill and serve in Merlot glasses on ice. Testify.


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