Boogie's Chicago Style BBQ

How does Lamont Wait, who goes by the name Boogie, describe Chicago-style barbecue? "It's pork rib tips over french fries with our homemade sweet sauce on top," he says. Wait, owner of the new Boogie's Chicago Style BBQ (8035 W. Airport, 713-723-7775), is a Chicago native and has lived in Houston for seven years. He has three mobile barbecue trailers that he's used since moving here.

Understanding that he has to stand out in a crowded field, Lamont has come up with interesting names and specials for most days of the week, like Fat Burger Friday, Slab Saturday, Tater Tuesday and Boudin Wednesday (okay, so the alliteration went a little off here). "The Fat Burger is a one-pound, hand-formed hamburger made from fresh meat, just like your grandma used to make, that you can get grilled or charbroiled. We're also selling a whole load of baked potatoes stuffed with chopped chicken, beef or our homemade sausage, made with beef and pork," Lamont says.

Dish tried the Fat Burger, two thick patties covered with cheese and all the fixin's, and had a hard time finishing the thing. Maybe that's because we also tried the smoked boudin, which was OMG-good. Most of the time, boudin is boiled, but smoking adds a whole new dimension in flavor. We also sampled a three-meat platter with slices of melt-in-your-mouth brisket, homemade sausage (mmmm-good) and rib tips, all smothered in a thick, sweet barbecue sauce. Then it was naptime in the afternoon.

This place is cash-only and takeout only, but don't let that prevent you from enjoying some of the best 'cue ever.

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