Bow-Tie Blazer

Try the bow-tie tuna ($13.99), and be grateful that the water glasses are especially large. The dish has won King Biscuit Patio Cafe (1606 White Oak Drive, 713-861-2328) an award for the best entrée at the Great Taste of Houston. One taste and it's easy to understand why. It is a powerhouse of spicy flavors, fit for those with fiery preferences. A thick slice of fresh tuna with the traditional blackened look and taste sits on top of bow-tie pasta pieces. These bow ties have been doused with a heavy helping of thick, creamy, jalapeño cheddar cheese sauce, in which pieces of mushroom and spinach appear randomly. The sauce makes the dish look like an adult version of mac and cheese, albeit a XXX version because of its spicy nature. The waitstaff is used to refilling the glasses of customers who order this, since they always seem to appear at the moment the glass is emptied.


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