Bulgoki Burger on the Gulf Freeway

Bulgoki Burger on the Gulf Freeway

Our latest find in the bi-cultural burger department is the soy and teriyaki barbecue sauce-flavored “Bulgoki Burger” at the Korean-owned Burger House on the Gulf Freeway near Hobby Airport.

Patrons describe the joint as the “poor man’s Fuddruckers” because they cook never-been-frozen burger patties to order and then offer a salad bar arrayed with condiments so you can dress the sandwich yourself. The regular burgers are tasty, but not worth a detour.

The bulgoki burger cost me $4.53. “Don’t put mustard on it, that doesn’t taste right,” the cashier advised. I put a little lettuce and tomato on the bun, and a whole lot of raw onion rings in the middle. The meat tasted like the sliced rib eye used in Philly cheese steaks and the barbecue sauce was a little sweet.

I’m not sure this really qualifies as a burger because of the use of sliced steak instead of ground meat. But flavor-wise, it’s right up there with the Pakistani bun kebab. – Robb Walsh

Burger House, 9247 Gulf Freeway, 713-910-1567


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