Bullritos is a new concept from Russell Ybarra, owner of Gringo's Mexican Kitchen. Dish asked Russell about the name. "It's obviously a play on words, but the bull part of it comes from the fact that...I ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain," Russell said. The newest location (3651 Weslayan, 713-622-5656) is owned by a franchisee. "We serve the same great-quality food as we do at Gringo's, but at a fast-casual price point," says Ybarra. "We are also kicking up the healthy aspect of the food, with grilled corn and the fact that all of our beans are vegetarian."

The ordering system is straightforward. You take a paper bag and use a Sharpie to write your name on the bag, then check off what you want — meat, beans, rice, cheese, salsa and so on. The cashier takes your bag, and then a couple of minutes later, your name is called and you get your bag back with a Bullrito inside. The Bullritos are very large and must weigh at least a couple of pounds. Dish enjoyed one stuffed with pulled pork, charro beans, cilantro-lime rice and a habanero-tomatillo salsa, with a scoop of roasted corn for good measure. As burritos go, this was a good one.

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