Troy Fields

A few years back, the Café Red Onion (3910 Kirby, 713-807-1122) featured a true champion of a margarita called the El Borracho ("the drunk"). It came on the rocks in an oversize schooner-type glass called a bola. It had three different kinds of tequila. It had a funny/cool name that seemed more appropriate for a masked Lucha Libre wrestler. It would melt your face. Sadly, it's no longer on the menu, and nobody at Red Onion last Thursday could remember how it was made. R.I.P. El Borracho. So long, you son of a bitch. Enter the new kid at Red Onion...El Don. It comes in the same large glass and, with help from some of the finest tequila available (your choice of Don Julio or Don Eduardo, hence the name), it will fly in reverse cross-body from the top shelf and pin an unsuspecting customer to the mat right quick. El Don isn't just a jobber margarita in a fancy agave costume; it's got class and is definitely a contender. I ordered the Julio variety and sat back to ponder the short but glorious career of my close personal friend, El Borracho, and marvel at the possibilities of this overwrought margarita/wrestling analogy.

2 ounces Don Julio or Don Eduardo tequila

1 ounce Grand Marnier liqueur


Caf� Red Onion

2 ounces sweet & sour mix

You know this...mix ingredients in a shaker with ice; serve on ice in a large margarita glass; salt the rim; garnish with lime wedge; pile-drive busboy.

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