Cavatore Italian Restaurant's

Our city has seen its fair share of heroes and legends, from its namesake, famous general (and general drunkard) Sam Houston, to Beyoncé Knowles and Justin Furstenfeld, to Marvin Zindler. And now we can add to this list yet another icon: a man known only as Michaelangelo, the much-celebrated piano player at Cavatore Italian Restaurant (2120 Ella Blvd, 713-869-6622). I discover this local treasure as I meet up with a fetching scientist with hazel eyes and a Ph.D. in sass for some drinks. Since we've decided on a long night of binge drinking (and, hopefully, some scientific research), I request a creative drink that will give us the energy to carry on, rather than, say, ending up passed out behind a dumpster somewhere. As Nicolette, the lovely and articulate bartendress, comes up with our surprise drink, an Italian man with a ponytail sits next to us and asks if we'd like him to play anything in particular. "This is Michaelangelo," says Nicolette. "He's our resident piano badass." My date asks if he knows any songs by Whitesnake. "Of course!" Michaelangelo replies. "I can play Whitesnake, Blacksnake, anything you want." After he finishes his drink, the virtuoso returns to his piano stool and begins playing "Is This Love?" My date looks at me, smiles and winks. Perhaps we'll need the caffeine for other activities after all.

2 ounces Grand Marnier liqueur

2 ounces Frangelico liqueur


Cavatore Italian Restaurant

2 ounces amaretto liqueur

2 ounces medium blend coffee

Splash crème de menthe liqueur

Whipped cream


Combine Grand Marnier, Frangelico, amaretto and coffee in a champagne glass. Stir, then add splash of crème de menthe and top with whipped cream. Add cherry and straw, then serve. Throw on some Blacksnake, and you're ready to rock.


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