Champagne Month at ZaZa

If you're anything like me, then December basically translates to a month of nonstop drinking and eating. My absolute favorite beverage to indulge in during the holidays is champagne, so imagine my glee when I wandered into Monarch at Hotel Zaza and discovered that they are doing a whole month of Champagne specials.

For the big ballers (yeah, not me), they are knocking $100 off an Andy Warhol Limited Edition bottle of 2000 Dom Perignon (now $325). They are also taking $20 to $40 off other select bottles of bubbly. Or you can do what I did and splurge on a Veuve Clicquot flight for $35.

Though it still wasn't cheap, it was fun to feel a little fancy while I sipped my three glasses of champagne and nibbled on a deliciously decadent cheese plate. I half expected the paparazzi to sneak around the patio and snap some shots of me in my scarf and sunglasses. It was an indulgent treat to split with a friend and come out tipsy and full for around $50.


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