Cheese Berry Asian Pizza

Cheese Berry Asian Pizza

We sampled the kimchee and bulgogi pizza at Cheese Berry Asian Pizza and Sweets at 9888 Bellaire this weekend. "That's our biggest seller," Jeanette Sun, the girl behind the counter, told us. There was also a kung pao chicken pizza and a red curry shrimp pizza available. The fusion pizzeria has only been open a couple of months, but it's already a hit.

"No, it's not a franchise," Sun told me. "It's just something my mom and I came up with. We loved these pizzas when we made them at home, and we thought other people would like them too. Some people are put off by the combination of Asian flavors and cheese, but they really go great together."

The cheese and kimchee tasted okay together -- it was the sweet hot tomato sauce squirted over the top that put us off a little. If Cheese Berry uses a squiggle of Sriracha instead of the sweet stuff next time, we will be very happy.

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