Chef Robert Gadsby Is Back With Bedford

The long-awaited return of Chef Robert Gadsby is ­finally here with his new place, which he named Bedford (1001 Studewood, 713-880-1001) after the town in northern England where he grew up. We caught up with Gadsby two days after the opening. "Right now, my crew is in a state of shell shock. We wanted to get it right before we opened," he said. "I built this from the ground up. It's over 10,000 square feet over two floors. The restaurant is downstairs, and the banquet facility is upstairs. On the roof, we're planning a Victory Garden, which will be totally hydroponic."

Asked about his menu, Gadsby says, "It's really a culmination of all the things I've wanted to do. It's going to be market-driven, and the menu will change accordingly. I call it cross-cultural American, where distinct elements meet in a single recipe. It's food that moves, excites and persuades the palate." Presently, starters include torched scallops with cauliflower soubise and duck foie gras with apple cider gelée; entrées include Icelandic halibut with haricot vert and Gulf shrimp and crab with coconut milk shellfish.

Gadsby is also planning on doing something special each week. "On Thursday through Saturday, I will be cooking for ten people at a time at my Chef's Table. It'll be a seven-course tasting menu with accompanying wines for $150 per person." Sign us up.


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