Chef Tats: In Their Own Words

This week's feature, Chef Tats, focuses on a new breed of chefs in the restaurant industry: those who are vibrantly and stunningly decorated with ink. No more starched white chef's jackets -- these chefs are young, brash and have a story to tell, both with their food and with their bodies.

We've been taking a closer look at some of the chefs who were featured in our cover story and a few who weren't, to let them tell the stories behind their tattoos in their own words.

Our third chef is the executive chef at Sushi Raku, Japanese-born Taka Sekiyuchi. Just as many young Americans display a fascination with Japanese culture, Sekiyuchi was fascinated with American culture from a young age, specifically motorcycles. The occasion of his very first Sturgis Motorcycle Rally inspired his tattoo, which you can hear all about below.


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