Chillin' at Mam's House of Ice

Chillin' at Mam's House of Ice

Mam's is a pale blue icon of frozen delights parked on a nice patch of plush green grass next to a few wooden picnic tables. Open 1 to 7 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays, it's a great place to relax outside for half an hour.

Mam's offers three sizes of snoballs: small for $1.75, medium for $2.75, and the big daddy large for $3.75. You can also add cream, sweetened condensed milk, whipped cream, or even ice cream for a nominal fee. They offer some pretty exotic flavors, like dill pickle and orchid cream vanilla, in addition to the traditional favorites like cotton candy, cherry and grape. I debated whether to go wild on my first visit or stick to a tried-and-true favorite. I ended up getting a medium with tiger's blood and coconut, as well as taking a friend a pink bubblegum, which I of course sampled as well.

While the flavors were strong and sweet, what was truly revolutionary was the amount of syrup in each bite. There wasn't the usual problem of all the dense syrup falling to the bottom, creating some overpowering bites and some flavorless ones. Each spoonful had an evenly distributed amount of syrup. It was wonderful. And the texture of the shaved ice was outstanding. I cannot wait to come back. I'm debating between the Chocolate Cream and the dill pickle. Maybe half and half?

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