Chocolate Festival of Texas Adventures, Continued

Another great find at the Chocolate Festival of Texas was Mary Louise Butter's chocolate brownies. Butter's Brownies are available in 16 variations, with flavorings ranging from rose water to stout beer. The Aztec God flavor is a take on the spicy-chocolate trend - it gives a nice kick of heat at the end without confusing the palate with seasoning best left to enchiladas. The Ruby Port brownie, made with wine and espresso flavors, is just plain delicious.

At the festival, Mary Louise said she doesn't want to attack the senses - she wants to hint and suggest at something different. The brownies do have that quality baked goods get when they're destined for packaging and longevity - they're a little dryer on the outside than a fresh or homemade brownie would be. But the inventive flavors make for a unique experience. Butter's Brownies can be found in Houston only at Central Market.


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