Church's Incorporates Its Honey-Butter Biscuit Batter Into Its Fried Chicken

The combo
The combo
Photos by Monica Fuentes

The food gift angels hit the Houston Press newsroom again the other day, this time bringing us boxes of fried chicken and biscuits to try out.

It's a limited time offer option,  available until May 22. The batter from Church's Chicken honey-butter biscuits has been used to coat its chicken tenders.

The result is surprisingly good and crispier than the normal Church's Fried Chicken. There's no way this is health food, but as an occasional guilty pleasure, why not?

And there's always the possibility of upping the return on investment by using the honey-butter dipping sauce and/or slicing open a biscuit, put the chicken tender inside and tucking in. In for a penny...

Going all in
Going all in

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