Cinco de Mayo Recipe: Sonoran Hot Dogs

Cinco de Mayo Recipe: Sonoran Hot Dogs
photos by Robb Walsh

You have to thin mayonnaise with some lemon juice (and Tabasco sauce if you like) and put it into a squeeze bottle if you want to put the cool squiggles on top. But I'm getting ahead of myself. First, go to El Bolillo on Airline and buy the small size bolillos. Then get some beef hot dogs and wrap them with bacon. Fry the dogs on a griddle until the bacon is crispy. Toast the rolls, then make a slit down the middle to form a pocket. (Don't cut them in half.)

Cinco de Mayo Recipe: Sonoran Hot Dogs

You can spread the bun with mustard if you like. Now put a couple of tablespoons of refried beans in the pocket. And then add some slices of avocado.

Cinco de Mayo Recipe: Sonoran Hot Dogs

Next comes the shredded cheese--or Cheez Whiz if you are so inclined. The bolillos look all wrinkled in these shots because I tried steaming them, the way you would with hot dog buns. This turned out to be a bad move. Not only did they look bad, they tasted rubbery too. Heating them in a toaster oven was a lot more successful.

Cinco de Mayo Recipe: Sonoran Hot Dogs

The hot dog wrapped with bacon goes on top of the cheese. Then you add chopped tomato, chopped onion and salsa verde. The mayo from the squeeze bottle goes on last. Try not to eat more than four or five of these--they are sort of filling.

-Robb Walsh

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