Mama Ninfa's Coco Loco
Mama Ninfa's Coco Loco
Troy Fields

Coco Loco

Despite three years' worth of Spanish classes and three years of life in Texas, I still speak horrible Spanish. The only thing I can really say with any confidence en español is ¿Cuánto para el cartel de Lita Ford? ("How much for the Lita Ford poster?") To make matters worse, anytime I try to order something in Spanish, I usually end up insulting someone. "I would like to order some cheese enchiladas!" becomes ¡Quisiera aspirar los dedos del pie de su mamá! ("I'd like to smell your mama's toes!") Fortunately, during our time at Mama Ninfa's (3601 Kirby, 713-520-0203), I manage to not insult anyone's mother while we decide what to order. If you're looking for anything besides a margarita, try the Coco Loco, which goes pretty well with chips, salsa and Tejano music. Even though the place is packed on this Monday night, it's still roomy enough for us to kick back and relax. We settle on the porch and enjoy a couple more Coco Locos as my language skills get worse by the minute.

1/2 ounce piña colada mix
1/2 ounce strawberry mix
1/2 ounce mango mix
1 ounce rum
1 cup ice

Combine mixes and rum in a blender. Add ice and blend to preference.


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