Sylvia's enchilada tourEXPAND
Sylvia's enchilada tour

Cold Sweats: Hot Foods for Cold Weather

Leftovers are dwindling and we're all disgusted by turkey, but that doesn't necessarily mean we're left with cravings for salad. Why not continue to bask in the warmth of comfort food another week? Below are a few savory meals you probably didn't have last Thursday.

Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen Enchilada Tours (6401 Woodway) - It's like Thanksgiving with the family -- you don't have to decide which dish is your favorite here. Sylvia's offers two enchilada tasting tracks, South and North of the Border. Each comes with four mini enchiladas ranging from the punchy, hot Morelia to the chocolaty, smooth Puebla mole version.

Brasil's brieEXPAND
Brasil's brie

Brie from Brasil (2604 Dunlavy) - Covered in hot spice and delivered to you still bubbling, the Brie and fresh bread at Brasil will warm your insides even if you're dining out on the patio.

Hot pot from Little Sheep Hot PotEXPAND
Hot pot from Little Sheep Hot Pot

A Hot Pot from Little Sheep Hot Pot (5901 Westheimer) - Inside the restaurant, seductive steam pours upward from each booth. Retrieve your meal carefully, or you could end up with an extra-hot bite of spices mulling in the bubbling broth. Here, the lamb is sliced so thin, your mom's electric turkey knife never had a chance.

Gumbo at Treebeards (1117 Texas) - Perfectly seasoned no matter what daily special you're enjoying, Treebeards gumbo inspires triumphant post-meal naps - much like another meal we just had.


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